Management of
Central Kitchens

Ease your production
by consolidating your requirements upstream


Optimize your cost of production

A centralized offer of dishes to order

Your satellite restaurants easily access your offer. You manage orders remotely and schedule your production efficiently.

Manage all
your orders

Order consolidation
allows you to determine a production
plan and source accordingly.
Gain accuracy and avoid waste.



Adoria Global Solution ®
the #1 management solution
for multi-site restaurants

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Manage meal orders easily in your sites

Software dedicated to remote meal ordering.

Meal ordering from central kitchens 

With this software, you can :

  • Provide your sites with a centralized supply of menus to order
  • Register a predefined list of consumers per catering site
  • Confirm for each meal the list of expected and attending diners
  • Consolidate all your orders for a more efficient centralized production
  • Manage your orders remotely and effectively schedule your meal deliveries

Gain in speed and efficiency in the organization of your so-called "on-site" or "central kitchen" production! Save time and optimize your production costs.

Adoria - Containing inflation in the restaurant industry with Adoria