Meal management for
the social & health sector

Provide each patient with a bespoke meal offer adapted to their dietary profile


Efficiently manage production
via a menu cycle

Individual meal trays

Based on the patient's dietary profile: special diets, allergies, consistency and preferences, via an interface with the Hospital Information System

For more efficient
centralized production

Order consolidation allows you
to determine a production plan
and source your supplies accordingly.
Gain accuracy and avoid waste.



Adoria Global Solution ®
the #1 management solution
for multi-site restaurants

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Manage meal orders with ease in your sites

This software is dedicated to remote meal ordering.

Bedside meal ordering in the medical/social sector

This software allows you to:

  • Register a list of consumers, patients or residents
  • Have an interface with the Hospital Information System in order to retrieve the patient's nutritional needs (special diets, allergies, preferences, etc.)
  • Make available to patients a bespoke offer of menus and meals
  • Collect and consolidate orders for a more efficient centralized production
  • Organize the service distribution by location (room, common room...) according to the organization of your sites
  • Manage your deliveries and your invoicing individually by customer
  • Have a "Healthcare-Data-Hosting" insurance

This software offers you a considerable saving of time for your catering staff and ensures in return a significant optimization of your cost price. You will also greatly reduce your losses and waste at the end of the service!

Adoria - Containing inflation in the restaurant industry with Adoria