Restaurant management software

Adoria Global Solution is a software for restaurant chains that allows you to centralize the management of your restaurant. Our platform is designed for restaurant chains present in France and in the World.

Through its different modules, our management software meets all the needs in order to manage your supplies, stocks and purchases.

Control your restaurant logistics with Adoria software

As the manager of a restaurant or franchise, it is sometimes difficult to manage and optimize your costs. Using a powerful management software for your restaurant is therefore essential. Adoria Global Solution provides you with a complete tool offering a wide range of services: procurement, supplier relationship management, sales management, production management, tenders...

The various modules present in the Adoria Global Solution are designed to optimize your back office, which will allow you to pilot your chain of restaurants or your site with complete peace of mind. The ability to buy your supplies online and manage supplies will lead you to manage your stocks in real time while avoiding losses.

A personalized dashboard is at your disposal to guide you in knowing your forecasted costs. Making the necessary decisions to optimize the management of your establishment is above all through the use of Adoria Global Solution.

Discover our management software for restaurants

Our platform is composed of 6 independent and complementary modules that meet the needs of restaurant professionals:

  • E-Negoce: tender management software
  • E-Procurement: procurement management software
  • E-Production: food supply management software
  • Adoria on the move : mobile applications inventory and traceability
  • Meal Fabrik : module for ordering meals from central kitchens and laboratories

Depending on your professional activity and type of restaurant, our modules are fully customizable: invoicing software, dashboard, purchasing management, connection to your cash register software, stock monitoring, order management, waste management ...

Adoria Global Solution supports many restaurants and franchises in managing and optimizing costs. Our platform thus facilitates the management and logistics of your site. Our project managers are at your disposal to accompany you in getting to grips with the software and ensure that all your teams are trained.

Simplify the management of your site with our management software for restaurants.

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