No. 1 management
multi-site restaurants

Many restaurant groups
have placed their trust in us

loyal customers
for many years

1.3 billion euros of purchases
per year via Adoria

70% of EDI orders
by value

Find out what Jonathan Blonbou, trainer at Eat Salad, has to say. He tells us how Adoria helps restaurant managers save time and improve their margin ratios.

Control your food costs 
and improve your margins

Bring value to your network
and make life easier for your sites

Up to 20% savings on receipts, inventories and food costs

Automate operations
and save your teams time

With Adoria
ease the connection
between your different applications and gain fluidity

Pilot your foodservice facilities efficiently with Adoria

In multi-site restaurants  : Adoria optimizes operations and business management, with precise foodcost calculations and advanced BI analyses, in real time.

Cost control, margin improvement... Adoria brings value to your network, and makes life easier for your sites with a full mobile application.

Optimize your purchases
Production & Stocks
Production & Stocks
Control your food cost
Mobile app
Simplify day-to-day tasks
BI Reports & Analysis
BI Reports & Analysis
Let your data do the talking!
Optimize your negotiations

5 000

active sites

12 000

daily users

1 Md

of orders
passed per year

They trust us

More than 40 foodservice groups have trusted us for many years.

This represents 5000 active sites!

Corporate catering | 5 sites in France
Hotels, clubs and residences | 24 sites in France
Kiosks in supermarkets | 1500 sites in 11 countries
School catering | 183 sites in France
EHPAD catering | 675 sites in 5 countries

Do you have any questions?

Find answers to all the most frequently asked questions about our services. Visit Adoria's FAQs section to find out more.

  • Is the Adoria solution suitable for restaurant chains of all sizes?

    Yes, of course, from 3 sites upwards.
    We've segmented our offer into three packs depending on the size of your group, your degree of maturity or your needs.
    Adoria is a modular solution, you don't have to use all the features from the start: you can start with ordering, and then move on to inventory.

  • My on-site staff aren't computer experts. How will they get to grips with the tool?

    The solution's ergonomics have been designed to make use intuitive.
    As Nicolas Cressens, Director of Operations at Ninkasi, explains, "Adoria's primary benefit for users is its ergonomics and ease of use. This allows them to have the shortest possible training times."

  • Is it complicated to deploy the Adoria solution?

    No, because your dedicated Adoria Project Manager will support you throughout the project and rollout: parameterization, strategic choices, setting up interfaces and EDI...

  • What are the main features of Adoria software?

    Forecasting, Ordering, Stocks, Production, Foodcost, Tracking Losses, BI Reports & Analysis... Adoria optimizes operations and business management.
    However, we are not a POS editor, but we interface with them.

  • Won't managing the tool take up too much of my time?

    There are certainly settings and updates to be made on Adoria (headquarters level) as well as daily tasks (on site), but in the end, you save a lot of time overall.

  • Is EDI complicated to implement?

    No, it's simple, you don't have to manage anything. EDI is installed as standard at eligible suppliers.

  • There's a lot of talk about Artificial Intelligence these days. Does Adoria use AI?

    Yes, of course, we offer two forecasting tools (Sales and Production) based on AI, more precisely on "machine learning". This means that our algorithms learn from the data and improve over time.
    Another of our AI-based features allows us to detect a suspicious (unusual) quantity during an order.