Adoria : The Group

Our history

The Adoria Group was created in 2003 from a visionary idea of four professionals working in restaurants and IT

The concept of functional modules specific to each scope of users' business needs has since won over many customers: restaurant chains, community catering chains, hotel and leisure industry players.














Creation of the first "procurement" ordering platform dedicated to the organized catering market.
In June, Adoria received the "special distinction" at the Sirest/ Restauration Demain innovation grand prize.

Creation of communication portal modules to communicate internally to sites.

Creation of the "Call for tender" module named G2AO, available offline, as Internet was not yet powerful enough at that time

Creation of the E-Pproduction module

Complete rewrite of Adoria modules. asp language changed to .net

Year EDI!... Adoria becomes an active member of the working groups organized by GS1 France and starts its partnership with Agena 3000 to set up the first EDI exchanges for the catering group market

Creation of the Business Intelligence ABI module - First thought "Artificial Intelligence"

Massive deployment of major customers in commercial and collective catering. Creation of additional functionality to respond favorably to all the scenarios present in catering

Compliance of E-Procurement and E-Production modules to meet INCO regulations making nutritional and allergenic declaration of Technical Data Sheets and products mandatory.

Creation of offices in Germany and deployment in German-speaking countries

Adoria joins the digital "New Business" division of the Accor hotel group

Adoria is present in 9 European countries and continues its international development

Launch of the new version of Adoria Global Solution. Version completely redesigned and open to the FoodTech market. It is available in connected or disconnected mode, on fixed computer or in mobility.

Our mission

Contribute to the success of multi-site restaurant groups with a management solution that facilitates their daily life and optimizes the levers of the value chain.
Our solution, a true ecosystem open to Foodtech, can be interfaced with other business tools used by our customers.

Adoria - Notre mission

Our values

Business expertise

A solution designed by and for restaurant professionals.
More than 15 years of experience serving our customers.


Our system can be interfaced with major FoodTech solutions and applications. In order to provide customers with a tool that exactly matches their needs.


Each year we invest 20% of our turnover in R&D, for example in artificial intelligence applied to restaurant management.


Our clients trust us to manage their core business activity.
We regularly collaborate with independent restaurant consulting firms.

Societal responsibility

Our solution is at the heart of current issues in the restaurant industry, for example by facilitating the fight against food waste as well as the promotion of short delivery distances.

Adoria statistics

935 Millions €
d’achats chaque année
users per day
product references
monthly orders
of which 66% by EDI
sites deployed
in Europe and the United States
nutrition factsheets
Adoria Global Solution®:
the most widely used independent software suite for multi-site restaurantsin Europe.

International Development

On the strength of its success in France, Adoria is continuing its development: it is capitalising on the European market and is expanding into the United States.

Currently, Adoria is present in about ten European countries and in the United States.

Adoria Global Solution® is available in multilingual and multicurrency versions. With its cloud software platform, it is the reference for multi-site restoration.

Our commitments to you

Easy integration

Adoria Global Solution is compatible with all types of computer, cashier and accounting systems


Customer private data is isolated and protected on highly secure logical and physical environments


Adoria is owned by capital that is independent of any player in the Out-of-Home Food Service industry: restaurant group, distributor or manufacturer


Adoria's strength is to facilitate the sharing and exploitation of public data. This promotes the standardization of business processes and the efficiency of exchanges in the out of home (OOH) food sector: between manufacturers, distributors, restaurants...

Adoria Global Solution
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