and training

Software implementation and change management support

Our business experts have unique experience and know-how to ensure the successful deployment of Adoria Global Solution® regardless of the types of organizations and restaurants involved.

Adoria's technical teams are present throughout the integration phases in your organization with a blended pedagogy adapted to your professional reality:


  • Help with initial settings
  • Setting up measurement indicators
  • Deployment on the first sites
  • Support for the managers of the structures

Step-by-step guidance

The implementation of the software as well as the change management are two essential steps to the success of the project within your organization.

Present in support of the headquarters functions, we also intervene on each production site to ensure good practices and team training.

Discovering, knowing, learning, so many actions that Adoria Global Solution® puts in place to allow your teams to integrate the mutation of its information system.

Our experience in the catering business and our know-how ensure us of a legitimacy to put at your service our talents and skills in the deployment of Adoria Global Solution® within your structure.



Whatever the specifics of your organization or the type of catering you offer, we guarantee that you will acquire powerful operational management methods with complete peace of mind.

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The support you will receive will focus on 3 points:

  1. 1.

    We will work with you to set up the initial parameters

  2. 2.

    We deploy the processes with you on the first sites

  3. 3.

    We ensure that this change management is sustainable and fully assimilated by your teams.

    We collaborate with site managers to optimize improvement and evolution objectives by working on winning strategies..

The training courses are all given by Adoria consultant-trainers.

Their specialization and business experience ensure that you get effective and relevant advice on the implementation of the Adoria Global Solution® offer within your organization.

  • Development of a tailor-made educational program adapted to the organization's operating methods
  • Combination of e-learning and classroom training sessions
  • Learning best practices that optimize the work of users
  • Validation of learning: individual follow-up to ensure the acquisition of skills discover new resources!

Training by Adoria consultants, all from the organized catering professions, often accompanies an organizational turnaround in the company.

We are present at your side on a daily basis, and provide you with the necessary methods and support during this period.

Adoria is a training organization declared to the Prefect of the Southern Region. Up to date with legal regulatory obligations, Adoria is DATADOCK referenced.

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Training, a key axis of change management

The use of Adoria Global Solution for a restaurant is simple and intuitive. Training needs are taken care of during the entire deployment phase.

Training is recommended when the deployment of the software is combined with a desire to evolve or improve and standardize procedures within the company.

Adoria's consultant-trainers actively participate in this key phase of change management:


4 missions are assigned to them:

  1. 1.

    We develop a tailor-made training program that suits your organization's operating procedures.

  2. 2.

    We set up a mixed pedagogy alternating e-learning sessions and face-to-face training sessions

  3. 3.

    We work to improve the performance of learners by teaching them good management methods and practices.

  4. 4.

    We take care of the validation of the acquired knowledge by setting up the performance indices with precise objectives so that each one gains in autonomy and responsibility.



Sense of service

The Adoria Global Solution teams share your sense of service:

  • Support service dedicated to the system administrators in your organization
  • Advice and follow-up of your requests
  • Permanent sharing of information related to the software evolutions, collection of your needs

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3 levels of assistance :

  1. 1.

    Provide system administrators in your organization with a dedicated department to which they can turn for help, guidance and advice.

  2. 2.

    Reactive follow-up of your assistance requests.

  3. 3.

    Regular evaluation of your needs by the technical consultant dedicated to your project.

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