Prepare them simply,
optimise your negotiations

100% <br> Cloud
EDI is <br> included
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Send your specifications
in just a few clicks

Develop your specifications
and easily request from more than 1,000 national, regional or local suppliers.

Quickly compare
your suppliers
according to your needs

Benefit from powerful real-time
comparison and simulation tools.
Take back control
of your purchasing policy !

Benefit from powerful features 


Set parameters and classify products according to your terminology.

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Facilitate your negotiations line-by-line. 

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Calculate your earnings

Track the progress of your tenders with instant price comparisons.

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Access your tender history.

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Adoria Global Solution ®
the #1 management solution
for multi-site restaurants

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Free yourself from paperwork and focus on the essentials!

This software is the reference bidding platform for players in multi-site restaurants.
This unique platform connects all the professionals in the sector (restaurant chains and community catering groups, distributors and industrialists) to help them focus on the essentials... 

The power of the Adoria platform makes it the reference platform. It facilitates your access to information at every stage of your consultations. Join the Adoria community now!

Develop your specifications in a few clicks!

Thanks to guided and secure procedures, you can solicit more than 1,000 active national, regional and local suppliers in a few clicks, and access unlimited item sourcing.

The platform's advanced features provide fluidity and responsiveness in exchanges with distributors throughout the negotiation chain. A flexible consultation and an instantaneous visualization of the impacts of ongoing negotiations, make the management of your activity more efficient!

Consult, compare and choose your suppliers according to your needs

In real time, make your choice from the list of available suppliers and compare the offers.

Consult your suppliers regularly and schedule tenders to optimize costs and strengthen your management.

The dematerialization of the procedures for writing specifications is automated and is done in a few clicks.

Adoria - Containing inflation in the restaurant industry with Adoria