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Quick to implement and powerful, the Adoria solution offers you an intuitive business interface to facilitate your daily work.

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The Adoria Solution : Catering software for professionals

The restaurant industry demands requirements on all points: team skills, business management, overall management of establishments, hygiene and safety rules, consumer service, customer relations, etc...

With a view to the permanent search for excellence, organized catering must be piloted efficiently.

Use our restaurant management tool with ease. Ergonomic and customizable according to your needs, Adoria supports you in setting up the catering software with full documentation.

The complete Adoria solution provides you with all the tools necessary for the proper development and complete management of your business.

Adoria supports you in the success of your organized catering establishments:

Adoria is a management software for organized catering created by professionals of the trade. The diversity of the software's complementary modules allows you to optimize the management of your establishments whatever the type of organized catering.

From purchasing and supply management, to stock and production management, through customer relationship management and employee management; the solutions of our CAPM software (Computer Aided Production Management) are adapted to all types of organized catering.

Succeed in digitizing management processes with our catering software

  • Despite changes in consumption habits and lifestyle changes, the recovery of French growth in 2017 has increased consumption in RHF (Restauration Hors Foyer) considerably.
  • It has become essential, for professionals to master management in organized catering. Except for public catering, competition is increasingly important in Food Service.

As a field in constant innovation, it is essential to implement a different, better optimized management strategy; thus, devote yourself to the differentiating elements that will make your collective, commercial and hotel catering establishments, unique restaurants.

Organized catering: a set of different players oriented towards consumer service

Whether it is a commercial catering (traditional restaurant or fast food, fast food), a community catering, or a hotel and leisure catering, organized catering is oriented towards consumer service.

However, in order to ensure quality delivery and service, it is important to manage the management of your establishments efficiently.

With the implementation of catering management software, effectively drive your restaurant chains, various outlets as well as your collective and hotel restaurants. Adoria is considered today as the reference in terms of management software in organized catering.

Thanks to the different modules of this management software package, optimize and automate the management of your establishments' business.


Stock management, purchase management, replenishment, cashier software, hotel management, delivery management, reservation management, menu management, supplier order management, employee scheduling management, accounting management or financial management; all modules can be set up on our restaurant software, according to your activities.

Ultra-customizable restaurant software with its many add-on modules, the restaurant management software organized meets the challenges and projects of the restaurant industry with:

  • Regulations relating to the implementation of organic
  • Compliances for short circuits of local markets
  • Valuation of local and territorial actors
  • Obligations in terms of hygiene and safety

Efficiently manage your establishments with the management software in catering

  • The Adoria management software is a set of softwares created by professionals for professionals.
  • This software platform is very easy to use and its collaborative nature allows you to meet the specific needs of each of your activities in the organized catering sector.
  • For players in the collective catering, commercial catering, public community catering and hotel catering, Adoria is the world leader in organized catering management solutions.

The business solutions provided by the various modules of Adoria CAMM allow for optimization of working time. Easy to use, the implementation of the management software allows you to focus more on the overall strategy of your establishments and the development of your image.

The implementation of the Adoria management software package will facilitate all your management processes for a better profitability of your establishments: dashboards, inventory management, commercial management, order taking, traceability, menu management, account management, etc...

Adoria, the reference in customizable restaurant software according to your activities.


Discover our business solutions today.Our organized food service management software fits all categories of Food Service.

With the digitization of the overall management of your establishments and our organized food service management software you will observe:

  • Improved consumer service and customer relations
  • Increased attendance in your establishments and the number of covers in your rooms
  • Improved management of supplier orders thanks to the dematerialization of exchanges
  • Optimized and simplified management of restaurants: commercial, collective, hotel and public catering
  • Better management of your teams with a catering service based on the quality of the meals served both in terms of nutrition and hygiene requirements
  • The implementation of a high-performance structure
  • Improving the profitability of your establishments
Adoria - Containing inflation in the restaurant industry with Adoria