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Are you a group of hotels or leisure centers? Do you have multiple activities (room service, catering, bar, pool, spa, golf...) that need to be coordinated? Do your supplies go through a central commissary?

Our solution adapts to your catering segment.

Discover how Adoria, specialized software for hotel catering, can help you by addressing the industry's issues

Consolidate your central sourcing

  • You optimize your supply and storage costs (volume effect).
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Distribute inventory by account assignment center

  • You dispatch stocks finely and are flexible in supplying allocation centers;
  • You simply carry out transfers between sites;
  • Discover quick and easy inventory on mobile.
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Easily manage breakfast and seminar activities

  • Manage recipe cards;
  • Easily create inventories.
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Analytics and Controlling

You precisely monitor consumption and variances for each account assignment center.

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Great business expertise

Great business expertise

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Ability to deploy quickly

Ability to deploy quickly

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Software for hotel and leisure catering

  • Restaurant management and accounting software in Saas mode
  • Restaurant resource management
  • Accounting management
  • Customer relations management
  • Restaurant supply management
  • Purchasing, orders, deliveries for the restaurant cycle
  • Production management
  • Product traceability
  • Cost price, average basket
  • Logistics management, inventory management
  • Dashboards

Develop and manage your hotel and leisure catering business with software from the Adoria platform.

The sector is particularly marked by FoodTech and Hospitality innovation, both in terms of managing establishments and positioning the service offering. To help players in the hotel and leisure sector, Adoria has set up a software platform for hotel and leisure catering.

  • Optimize your hotel management with Adoria hotel and leisure catering software
  • Food Beverage, a strategic issue integrated into Adoria software
  • Better overall management for better team management and improved profitability
  • Pilot your hotel establishments with Adoria hotel and leisure catering software.

Adoria provides specialized software and services for hotel groups and leisure players. We facilitate the business of managing establishments on all value-added positions: from the construction of calls for tender, to the production of meals and menu cycles, right through to personalized delivery to the customer.

Focus on your core business!

Adoria: the benchmark ERP for hospitality management

Designed by professionals in the restaurant and hotel business, the software solution is perfectly suited to the strategic and economic challenges driven not only by performance objectives and investment profitability, but also by customer satisfaction, and the image of your hotel restaurant group.

Hospitality, a strategic issue at the heart of our software suite for hotel catering

As a benchmark player in management solutions for organized catering, Adoria places at the heart of its product strategy all the levers that promote synergies between hotel and catering, the digitization of business processes, and the creation of a differentiating value-added offering for hotel catering groups.

This positioning represents a real strategic challenge in managing the production of the catering offer. We believe that to succeed in creating living spaces where all customer origins intersect, catering is an essential link in this transformation of the sector; combined with a perfect understanding of individual needs and expectations.

Adoria is the 1rst hotel and leisure catering management software offering in Europe that integrates all the major issues of Hospitality trends.

Adoria invests in this particular catering sector with business modules perfectly adapted to processes and constraints from tender negotiation to accounting integration to customer relations.

Adoria takes care of all the time-consuming tasks of the Food Beverage Manager; enabling the latter to concentrate on managing his teams; building an exceptional customer experience

The hotel and leisure catering software Adoria coordinates day-to-day procurement, menu production and menu cycles, stocks and resources, logistics and the organization of meal service or delivery.

  • Automate your purchasing policy and supply chain management
  • Take time to build your menu and your various menus as closely as possible to your customers' requirements
  • Simplify access to your supply chain
  • Easily manage stocks and replenishments
  • .

The satisfaction of your customers, the development of your business and the profitability of your hotel catering model are now the most important elements

Improve the management of your establishments with our catering software

Lifestyles and consumer habits continue to evolve in the hotel and restaurant business. To cope with these changes and develop hotel and leisure activities, it's vital to boost service levels and innovate. In this way, you, as players in the hotel industry, will be able to both propose a differentiated and differentiating offer that is original and unique, and develop the image of your hotel and leisure establishment.

Using Adoria ERP as part of your Information System, combined with the consulting and support services of specialists in the hotel and leisure business, will enable you to serenely develop your brand identity with a simple, perfectly customizable hotel catering management solution. Whether in the tourism or hotel sectors, competition is fierce, and with Adoria we can help you optimize the management of your establishments.

The CAMM (Computer-Aided Production Management) of the Adoria platform integrated into the hotel and leisure sector enables you on a daily basis to improve and rationalize the management of your stocks awith centralization of establishments and consolidation within operational steering dashboards: optimal resource management, better financial management, personalized customer experience... all major challenges for hotel catering.

Our software platform allows you to add various modules to perpetuate the overall management of your hotel and leisure catering establishments.

The implementation of hotel and leisure catering software allows you to automate all catering management processes for a group of hotel and leisure establishments. You can devote more time to your team, your global strategy and your clientele.

Over the long term, observe:

  • improved performance management of cards and menus for the hotel restaurant
  • .
  • improving the customer relationship ; closer to your customers and their requirements, more personal
  • .
  • the increase in patronage of your establishments through the strong synergy maintained between restaurants and hotels.
  • the optimization of production tasks from the supply station to room service: receptionist, cook, head chef, sommelier, bartender, organizer, concierge, housekeeper, seasonal workers, reception chef, etc.
  • the overall efficiency and completeness of our hotel and leisure catering software

Pilot your hotel establishments with hotel and leisure catering software

Easy to deploy, simple to use, with rapid, controlled returns on investment, Adoria is the software platform best suited to the hotel and leisure sector. Now a benchmark in management software, Adoria's ERP for the restaurant industry provides you with the best solutions from the construction of the catering offer, to the production of meals.

Easy-to-use, ergonomic software, it's tailor-made to the challenges and expectations of hotel catering professionals. Technical documentation is also provided to ensure that you can use the management software quickly and independently.

Getting to grips with hotel and leisure catering software is intuitive and straightforward. Also, thanks to the various modules present in the software, the overall management of your hotel and leisure establishments is optimal.

Adoria is a management software platform that provides access to numerous collaborative, easy-to-use business modules. Software that can be customized according to your functional needs, complementary modules can be parameterized according to the specificities of the hotel and leisure trades.

  • dashboards, team planning,
  • purchasing management, stock monitoring, inventory,
  • reservation management, order management, strategic indicators, etc.

With the Adoria solution, control all your establishments' catering management processes. Software setup and installation adapts perfectly to your existing accounting and cash register systems. All management processes can be parameterized to efficiently manage your establishments.


Adoria is the benchmark in terms of hospitality and leisure catering software.

Adoria offers a Software for Hotel and Leisure catering designed by and for hotel catering professionals intended to: simplify the complete management of your establishments, manage your inventory, save time in accounting management, ensure commercial management and customer relationship management.