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Solution Adoria
Manage your restaurants

On Site

Automate and facilitate your day-to-day operational tasks.
Save time so you can focus on your core business: reception, meal roduction and customer satisfaction.

A mobile app to simplify the life of restaurant teams:
ordering, receiving, loss entry, inventory.

Easy to use, intuitive and accessible offline.

At the Head Office

Control your food cost and improve your margins:

  • reliable measurement of deviations between theoretical and actual
  • gain up to 6 margin points on food cost.

Adoria brings value to network animation. Franchisors can include it in their package of services.

Benefit from highly reliable consolidated analyses.

Optimize your purchases
Production & Stocks
Production & Stocks
Control your food cost
Mobile app
Mobile app
Simplify day-to-day tasks
BI Reports & Analysis
BI Reports & Analysis
Let your data do the talking
Optimize your negotiations

Great business expertise

Solution created by restaurateurs for restaurateurs

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Project support
expert & available

All our Project Managers are experts in the foodservice sector

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Ability to deploy quickly

Great operational experience and deployment expertise, from a few sites to several hundred

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Save time
and money

Realize major

Up to20%savings

Control your
food cost

Win up to6margin points

Your on-site teams
save valuable time

up to20hours per month