Discover our management solution for community catering

You are a community catering group, and you manage sites and central kitchens for companies, schools, retirement and care homes and for the medical sector?

You are looking for a simple, intuitive and efficient tool to manage your catering sites on a daily basis?



Discover how Adoria Global Solution®, the food service software suite can help you, by addressing these 3 well-known issues in your industry:

Reference software for contract catering

    • Purchasing and supply management
    • Inventory management
    • Production management

Order management Ordering

    • Menu management

Sanitary Control Plan

Nutritional and Allergenic ReviewsFood PlansHACCPFrequency Charts, etc

The Adoria Global Solution management platform catering software brings together all the business modules dedicated to catering, in a single platform, fully integrated into the logistics cycle of your establishments.

Pilot all the production supply processes of your decentralized restaurants through our catering software: from the management of your tenders, to the management of your food plans and menu cycles, through the management of orders, stocks and the analysis of the material cost of your restaurants.


Adoria Global Solution is the reference software for Collective Catering. Fully customizable to ensure perfect adaptability to your internal uses, as well as the most personalized expectations of your customers. You will be able to customize your logistic organization and your food offer at your convenience, in order to be as close as possible to your specific needs:

  • exclusions
  • promotions, special orders
  • price grids, cost prices
  • inventory management, cashiering, invoicing, collection
  • regional or local catalogs, etc.

Combine grouped management of your establishments and individual dietary balance

The native business integration of the management modules gives you access to all the functions of purchase, supply and delivery of foodstuffs for each establishment; in parallel with the construction of menu cycles adapted to the consumers of the Collective Catering "Out of Home".

  • Easy to use for each daily actor, the implementation in your logistic, accounting, kitchen or room organization is carried out progressively and efficiently by Adoria's consultants; while offering you advice and assistance on a daily basis.
  • Software in SAAS mode : specially designed to simplify the management of central kitchens.

Simplify your daily routine with Adoria!

Welcome to a new era of management for your establishments.

Stay one step ahead!

  • Online software, suitable for the most complex organizational structures, the full range of functions of the collective catering software platform provides a complete management solution for catering companies wishing to control their entire culinary supply chain across all their establishments.
  • As well as for the collective catering players, Adoria also offers its management software for the commercial catering (traditional or fast food).

Software for Collective Catering perfectly adapted to the needs of central kitchens

Less administration. More productivity.

Whatever your business, Adoria Global Solution, specialized in management solutions for collective catering, has all the business functionalities specific to each of your central kitchen needs :

In medical-social catering: each facility manager knows the group's food plan and has his or her own opportunities to offer local and personalized cuisine to their residents: hospitals, retirement homes.
A true menu management software and menu cycles, Adoria Global Solution is at the heart of the organization of your service offering.
Ordering and inventory management is greatly facilitated by the centralization of all processes in the software.

In school catering: menu management is perfectly adapted to the dietary balance of each (nursery, kindergarten, primary, secondary, high school, university).

Administrative and corporate restaurants: centralized cash register software or linked to your existing cash register software, Adoria Global Solution is at the center of the strategic and operational management of your brand.

Adoria, reference publisher for the Food Catering Industry players, provides large groups and integrated chains with its software for collective catering.

Open, communicating platform adapted to all the needs of collective kitchens.

Save time!


"Collective catering professionals are innovating and proposing ecological solutions today in order to reduce their impact on the planet. Adoria supports them in this approach on a daily basis. "
Frédéric Montier

Our R&D program and constant monitoring allows you to benefit from updates in accordance with legal, regulatory and organizational obligations related to your catering business.

You are confident!

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