Optimize your purchases

100% <br> Cloud
EDI is <br> included
EDI is
Multi <br> device
Offline <br> mode

Up to 20% savings on purchases
Guaranteed implementation of your Purchasing policy


Save time
Take half the time to check a delivery note !

Optimize your restaurant procurement 

Manage each step efficiently in a few clicks : from order, delivery, litigation management and collection of credit notes, to the generation of accounting entries

Centralized management for all your sites

Follow the execution of your purchasing policy for all your sites at a glance, thanks to real-time dashboards



Benefit from powerful features



Delivery notes of incoming goods from your connected suppliers are received automatically through EDI.
No manual data entry necessary !

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Loss reduction


Measure and reduce your losses : analyze the gap between real consumption and purchases

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Thanks to dynamic widgets, pilot your key indicators in real time
and at a glance.

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Follow the effectiveness of your purchasing policy at a glance with real-time

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Adoria Global Solution ®
the #1 management solution
for multi-site restaurants

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Optimise the supply of your restaurants and measure the efficiency of your purchasing policy

A software-solution of the Adoria platform, 100% on line, of supply management for groups and catering centres.

It benefits from an unequalled expertise in the field of dematerialization of purchases in organized catering; thus facilitating the daily life of each actor of the value chain. Save time, security, simplify procedures... join Adoria Global Solution!

Organise your supplies in a few clicks!

Optimise the supply of your restaurants and ensure the efficient execution of your purchasing policy.

From the order to the credit collection, each step of the procurement process helps you to analyse and decide in real time.

Secure your accounts payable

Reconcile your goods flows with your accounting flows, easily and simply!

Generate your accounting entries automatically on the basis of the check-ins of goods carried out in the restaurant.

This software will provide you with the security of an efficient and profitable purchasing and supply policy; always linked to your accounting integration.


Adoria - Containing inflation in the restaurant industry with Adoria