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Optimize your purchases

Time savings for the field, cost savings & consolidated reporting for head office:
discover the benefits of the Procurement module
for restaurant groups

100% cloud

100% Cloud

multi device

Multi device

EDI is included

EDI is included

Offline mode

Offline mode

On Site

Automate your supplier orders:
Thanks to the tool's suggestions, you'll save time, avoid losses or shortages and maximize your sales.

Simplify your receipts:

  • Automatic integration of delivery notes, using EDI.
  • Automatic inventory entry.
At the Head Office

Up to 20% savings on purchases:

  • Guaranteed application of your Purchasing policy
  • Massification of purchasing.

Efficiently prepare your supplier negotiations thanks to reliable, consolidated purchasing histories and reports.

Pilot your suppliers and control inflation with real-time indicators.

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Benefit from high-performance features

EDI included
Mobile App
Dashboards and BI

70,000 EDI orders are placed every month on Adoria (70% of orders by value).

EDI benefits (Electronic Data Interchange) :

- Automatic integration of delivery notes
- Automated dispute handling.


EDI included

Based on sales history and stock levels, the Adoria AI calculates the quantities to be ordered.

Save time, reduce waste and maximize sales!


The Adoria mobile app simplifies day-to-day restaurant tasks and saves time:  

  • Place orders in 5 minutes
  • Discover the quick & easy inventory, ...
Mobile App

Take back control of your data, and identify your action levers. Improve the performance of your restaurants.

Benefit from numerous key reports for your business, including 7 Power BI reports.

Dashboards and BI

Solution Adoria

Manage your restaurants efficiently

Production & Stocks
Production & Stocks
Control your food cost
Mobile App
Mobile App
Simplify your day-to-day tasks
BI Reports & Analysis
BI Reports & Analysis
Let your data do the talking!
Optimize your negotiations
Great business expertise

Great business

Solution created
by restaurateurs
for restaurateurs

Project support

Project support
expert & available

All our project managers
are experts in the

Ability to deploy quickly

Ability to deploy quickly

Great operational experience
and deployment expertise,
from a few sites to
several hundred

Optimize the procurement of your restaurants and measure the effectiveness of your purchasing policy

Thanks to Adoria's Purchasing module, you pilot the procurement of your group or central catering facility.

Benefit from unrivalled expertise in dematerializing purchasing in organized catering; making daily life easier for every player in the value chain. Save time, be secure, simplify procedures... choose Adoria!"

Organize your procurement in just a few clicks!

With this Purchasing module: optimize the procurement of your restaurants and ensure the efficient execution of your purchasing policy.

From order to credit collection, every step of the procurement process helps you analyze and decide in real time.

Secure your accounts payable

Match your goods flows with your accounting flows, easily, simply!

Generate your accounting entries in an automated way based on merchandise pointings made in the restaurant.

This Purchasing module will offer you the security of an efficient and profitable purchasing and supply policy; always linked to your accounting integration.