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Discover the richness of our integrated ecosystem for multi-site catering

Adoria is an open system that easily connects your different tools.

  • Pilot with fluidity your food service facilities
  • Avoid re-keying between different tools
  • Free up time for your sites!

Cash register editors

Thanks to sales data feedback, Adoria analyzes the differences between theoretical and actual consumption and precisely identifies losses. The Recipe Sheets that generate the most losses are detected, which allows you to act to reduce waste.

Material cost and margin are under control.


Thanks to data flows with the accounting tool, in general accounting (invoices) as well as in analytical accounting (purchase orders), reconciliations are made easier: no more re-entries!

Invoicing and analytical distribution are automated, and Management Controlling can devote its time to analysis.

These data exchanges are instantaneous in EDI. EDI supplier flows generate rigorous and instantaneous information!

Traceability - HACCP

Thanks to the interface between the two solutions, you can efficiently manage the entire supply and traceability chain: orders, receipts, credit requests, temperature readings, etc. The result is a fluid and seamless user experience, for greater efficiency and reliability.

Nutrition Analysis

Thanks to the connectors with the nutritional analysis tools, you can easily manage your food offer in a centralized way. You are able to communicate to your customers all the information they expect in terms of nutrition: allergens, nutritional values, ...


Order and receipt data are sent instantly to your suppliers by EDI. EDI simplifies your supplier exchanges to make life easier for your teams:

  • Automatic integration of delivery notes
  • Automated processing of disputes
  • No more re-entering errors!

Adoria is the leader in EDI: We are the only player on the market to be connected to so many suppliers by EDI, and to offer EDI for the management of receipts.

70,000: the number of EDI orders placed per month on Adoria.