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Control your food cost,
improve your margins


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EDI is included

Multi device

Multi device

Offline mode

Offline mode

Stocks & Inventories

On Site

Inventories 3 times faster and error-free

Avoid re-entries thanks to the mobile app, even in areas without a network (storeroom, cellar,...) thanks to the offline mode.

Consult automatic inventory on a daily basis.
Adjust your real inventory on a monthly basis.

Easily detect inventory gaps (theoretical stock vs. quantity entered).

At the Head Office

Measure the gaps between theoretical and real inventory.

Multi-unit, multi-zone inventories.

Inventory valuations are transferred to accounting software.


On Site

Easily train your team members to create recipe cards

Control the food cost of each ingredient

Easily capture losses of materials and finished products.

At the Head Office

Effectively monitor your food cost:
measure Theoretical vs. Actual variances, limit losses.

Create and distribute a library of recipe cards or a menu cycle.

Automatic valuation of recipe sheets at weighted average price to control your food cost and your margins/ daily production cost.

Guarantee consistent quality every day in every restaurant.

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Benefit from high-performance features

Central kitchens
Food cost

Forget paper! Thanks to our mobile app, simply perform your inventories on tablet or smartphone:

- Accessible even offline.

- Automatic discrepancy control (between theoretical stock and quantity entered).



Consolidate your production requirements for central kitchens or dark kitchens.

Central kitchens

Monitor your EGalim key indicators in real time and make sure you are legally compliant.

You get:

- a reliable measure of percentages of purchases in SIQO-labeled, organic and local products.

- performance details by site and product family.


Measure and reduce your losses: analyze the gaps between real and theoretical consumption.

Food cost

Solution Adoria

Manage your restaurants efficiently

Optimize your purchases
Optimize your purchases
Mobile app
Mobile app
Simplify day-to-day tasks
BI Reports & Analysis
BI Reports & Analysis
Let your data do the talking!
Optimize your negotiations
expertise métier

Great expertise

Solution created
by restaurateurs
for restaurateurs

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Project support
expert & available

All our project managers
are experts in the

capacité rapide

deployment capability

Great operational experience
and deployment expertise,
from a few sites to
several hundred

Dynamize food offer management and consumption control within your establishments

This Production management module is dedicated to managing the catering offer and food costs for restaurant companies and groups.

  • Distribution of technical data sheets tailored to each business segment
  • Management of cards and menus
  • Consumption monitoring and costing by site and consolidated
  • Compliance with regulatory recommendations
  • Management of inventoriesand inventories
  • Assistance in reducing waste and managing bio-waste
  • Dashboards tailored to your business

Simplify the development of your menus

This module brings you:

  • Pilot your food offer, across your entire production circuit
  • Save time when putting together your menu
  • Development of a library of technical data sheets
  • Immediate identification of deviations
  • Access to a database of over 10,000 foods
  • Calculations of nutrition, allergens and food additives
  • Management of manufacturing line forecasting and planning

Easily implement your food policy within your organization!

Manage meal prices and control inventory

You can:

  • Access a simple and complete head office parameterization of the rules to be followed for catering sites
  • Measure the execution of your purchasing and catering policy
  • Monitor your material cost management

At each of these stages, Adoria's unique machine learning algorithm provides you with advanced forecasts for steering your production line.