Meal Production
& Inventory management
for restaurants

100% <br> Cloud
EDI is <br> included
EDI is
Multi <br> device
Offline <br> mode

Easily manage your menus
thanks to a library of technical files

Effectively monitor your ingredient costs
measure Theoretical vs Real costs and limit losses

Pilot all
of your production

You manage every step efficiently: managing technical files and menus, requirements right up to the production order.

Simply manage
your inventory and stocktaking

Forget paper!
With our app, simply perform your
inventories on a tablet or smartphone.
Accessible even offline.

Benefit from powerful features


Make sales forecasts
using your historic data

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Local products

Monitor percentage indicators of certified and local products. Support
the fight against wasted food 
and improve organic-waste management

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Technical files


Creation of a technical files library, access to information
from manufacturers: nutrition, allergens
and additives, with a database of more
than 10,000 foods

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Ingredient costs


Measure and reduce your losses : analyze the gaps between
real and theoretical consumption

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Adoria Global Solution ®
the #1 management solution
for multi-site restaurants

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Galvanize the management of the food offer and the control of consumption within your establishments

Software dedicated to the management of the catering offer and the cost of food for community catering companies and groups.

  • Distribution of technical data sheets adapted to each activity segment
  • Management of menus
  • Monitoring of consumption and calculation of foodcost per site and consolidated foodccost
  • Compliance with regulatory recommendations
  • Management of inventories and stock
  • Assistance in reducing waste and managing bio-waste
  • Dashboards tailored to your business

Simplify the development of your menus

This software means:

  • Monitoring of the food offer, on your entire production circuit
  • Saving time in the creation of your menus
  • Establishing a library of technical files
  • Immediate identification of drifts
  • Access to a database of more than 10,000 food types
  • Calculations of nutrition, allergens and food additives
  • Management of forecasting and production line planning

Easily implement your food policy within your organization!

Plan your orders, manage meal prices and control your inventory

You can:

  • Generate your supplier orders automatically based on your sales or manufacturing forecasts
  • Access to a simple and complete setting by headquarters of the rules to follow for restaurants
  • Measure the execution of your purchasing and catering policy
  • Monitor your ingredient cost management

At each of these steps, Adoria's unique machine learning algorithm provides you with advanced forecasts for steering your production line.

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