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EDI : "Electronic Data Interchange"

This allows you to exchange all types of dematerialized documents with the systems of your partners: distributors or manufacturers.

The EDI platform of the Adoria solution

The Adoria solution works with the major EDI suppliers in the foodservice market. Adoria's technical teams ensure the coupling between the IT systems of these suppliers and those of the foodservice groups.

70,000 EDI orders are placed with Adoria every month.

With EDI, the integration of delivery notes is automatic: no more error-prone re-entries!

Did you know?
Adoria uses the EDIFACT standard for EDI flows.
Beware of imitations! Anything that isn't standardized isn't EDI.
Sending by e-mail, attaching an e-mail, or placing an order without receiving it: these are not EDI, and they don't add any value.

At Adoria, EDI is included in the subscription. No additional fees!

We make EDI access easy: it's easy to set up, even for small groups. Adoria takes care of everything!

The strength of the Adoria solution

Our expertise is based on a strong partnership with the French leader in dematerialization solutions.
Adoria is the only software solution for restaurant chains and community catering capable of natively handling 5 types of EDI messages:

  • Orders
  • Order acknowledgements
  • Order confirmations
  • Delivery notes
  • Invoices.
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The benefits of EDI

1. Save time:

  • Automatic integration of the delivery notes;
  • Automated dispute processing.

2. Play the accuracy card, no more re-keying errors!

3. Develop trusting business relationships, thanks to the transparency of EDI

4. Reduce your ecological footprint: with dematerialization, there's no need for paper anymore.

Did you know?
EDI developed strongly during the health crisis, because it's an important lever for optimization and time savings.

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EHPAD catering | 427 sites in France

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