EDI exchanges

Adoria Global Solution's EDI platform: key figures

Adoria Global Solution works with the main EDI providers in the restaurant market. Adoria's technical teams ensure its coupling with your eligible suppliers.

  • 50 of the flows that pass through the platform are EDI flows
  • EDI halves the number of errors in order processing
  • EDI divides by 5 the processing time of a delivery (from registration to validation)

The Adoria Global Solution platform is already connected to the IT systems of the main distributors in the market (60 e the value of exchanges).

Join the reference platform for players in the organized catering market!

A reference platform compliant with international standards

Adoria Global Solution's EDI platform adapts to international standards on a daily basis to suit the specificities and requirements of the various catering trades.

We have created a tool for restaurant owners, for collective catering, commercial catering, hotel and leisure or public communities.

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Our expertise is based on a reinforced partnership with the French leader in dematerialization solutions:

  1. 1.

    Increased efficiency allowing to reduce by 5 the time of data entry

  2. 2.

    Transparency and traceability according to the standards in force

  3. 3.

    Quick processing of information and exchanges

  4. 4.

    EDI is included in Adoria Global Solution's pricing with no set-up fees

The Adoria Global Solution platform allows you to handle multiple operations with your suppliers and customers, from purchase orders to invoices or credit note tracking.
This expertise and know-how are unique in the restaurant market.


Exchange all types of dematerialized documents with your partners' systems: distributors or manufacturers

  1. 1.

    Save time and money on information processing

  2. 2.

    Play the precision card, no more re-entering errors!

  3. 3.

    Accelerate administrative procedures to focus on field operations by using dematerialized documents.

EDI flows represent 50 th flows transiting through the Adoria Global Solution platform

Use the Adoria Global Solution EDI... to divide by 5 your data entry times and by 2 the number of errors that occur during the various processing of your orders.

These various improved treatments bring youtraceability and security at all levels of the management of your orders and free your mind from administrative tasks to focus on the service to be produced.

Adoria Global Solution is connected to the main EDI systems of the distributors of the food market, constituting already 60 e the value of the exchanges.

The strength of Adoria Global Solution

By affiliating with Adoria Global Solution, you benefit, without investment, nor additional cost of all the power and all the advantages of our EDI platform specially adapted to the catering business:

  • Time savings
  • Diminished risk of error (no more re-keying)
  • Transparency and traceability
  • Confidence in business relationships

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Member of GS1 France and relying on certified technologies, Adoria Global Solution is the only commercial and institutional catering software solution capable of processing 5 different types of EDI messages:

  • Orders
  • Order acknowledgements
  • Order confirmations
  • Delivery notes
  • Invoices

Reduce your carbon footprint

The Adoria Global Solution platform gives you the ability to exchange dematerialized documents with the IT systems of your partners: distributors or your manufacturers.

These exchanges contribute to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your current flows. Join the eco-responsible community of actors using the 1st reference platform on a European scale.

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