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In supermarkets or third-party outlets,
efficiently manage your production
& maximize your sales

Do you have kiosks in supermarkets or third-party point of sales ?

Or would you like to launch your network in this type of business?

Our solution adapts to your restaurant segment.

Benefit from reliable sales and production forecasts

  • You can either import a forecast or let the machine calculate and optimize it.
  • For certain sectors (e.g. fish), you can consolidate and reserve quantities with an upstream supplier. - Exclusive to Adoria.
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Pilot your production in real time

  • Kiosk production tracking, with easy real-time adaptation (real-time reactivity to sales)
  • Production & loss management for self-service displays (Delivery Man mobile app).
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Reduce waste by managing short shelf life

  • Identification, recording and labeling of short shelf lives to form anti-waste baskets
  • Recording losses
  • Data feedback and analysis to feed forecasting.
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Great business expertise

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