Discover our management solution for commercial catering

You are a restaurant chain or group: fast food, traditional or a bakery-patissery shop chain.

You are looking for a simple, intuitive and powerful tool to manage your restaurant sites on a daily basis?


Learn how Adoria Global Solution®, the commercial foodservice software suite, can help you by addressing these 3 well-known issues in your industry:

Commercial catering software

    • Tender management
    • Procurement management
    • Mercurials and Data sheets Data sheets
    • Supplier order management
    • Production management
    • Resource management
    • Cost price, average basket
    • Customizable dashboard
    • Allergens and product traceability

Traditional or fast food, national or international brand? Integrating the commercial catering software from the Adoria Global Solution technical platform allows you to ensure centralized and efficient decision-making at the group level, while accompanying the evolution of your customers' consumption habits.

Management software for commercial catering No. 1 in Europe, it is the technical foundation of reference for players in organized catering: call for tender, procurement, customer relationship management, sales management and production of the culinary offer, inventory management, or accounting management.


Our software is the reference management solution that provides access to all the business modules adapted to your commercial catering model (traditional catering : gastronomic, bistronomic, CHR...; fast food: fast-food, fast-casual, fast-good...).

Our various modules accessible in Saas mode were created by and for professionals in the commercial catering in order to provide them with a clear and centralized vision of their entire value chain and to help them make the necessary decisions to optimize the management of their establishments.

6 independent and complementary modules

Thanks to the commercial catering software Adoria Global Solution, pilot your restaurants efficiently and with complete peace of mind. Your purchasing policy becomes faster and more fluid; your logistics circuit becomes more efficient; your culinary offer becomes more attractive and adapted to your customers' expectations!

You stop following the trend... You make the trend!

Adoria Global Solution is a solution developed in continuous adequacy with the expectations of commercial catering consumers and profitability imperatives of organized catering brands and chains.

Our goal is simple: to enable you to drive your organization with the same passion as your chefs in the kitchen!


Implementing a commercial foodservice software from the Adoria Global Solution platform means bringing your brand into the leading ecosystem of organized foodservice players.

Centralize all of your business processes : purchasing, procurement, logistics, production, delivery, waste management, accounting, finance, customer relationship management and segmentation of its culinary offering, etc.

Our commercial catering software, in SAAS mode, is suitable for all commercial catering establishments, national or international in scope.

The commercial catering software Adoria Global Solution integrates with all existing accounting and cashier systems.

Particularly intuitive, it adapts to your Information System to enrich it and bring a centralized vision of the decision-making circuit of the company.

Simplify the management of your commercial food service establishments traditional or fast food :

  • Automate your purchasing policy and supply chain management
  • Simplify and facilitate access to your supply chain and inventory management
  • Focus on customer satisfaction andon customer satisfaction and profitability of your restaurant model
  • Gain efficiency and speed in managing your restaurants
  • Benefit from an intuitive and easy-to-use management solution to optimize the management of your establishments

Commercial catering software for a better digitalization of your customer relationship

The dynamics of commercial catering chains sustainably support the trend of the RHF market.

Out-of-home catering relies on both the consolidated growth of leading players and the regular emergence of complementary catering offers: Snacking corners, FoodTech, changes in consumption locations, short circuits, take-away sales, new consumption moments, fast casual, new consumption habits...

To support and help commercial catering brands successfully digitalize their customer relationship processes, Adoria has created a particularly powerful, open technical foundation that is now a benchmark in organized catering on a global scale.

This is the software for commercial catering. Adoria is also a restaurant software for hotels. Working with many players, our catering software has become a benchmark for central kitchen operators.

Our management solution supports the growth of your catering establishments across your target markets:

  • Improved performance management of catering cards and menus
  • Improved customer relations, get closer to your customers
  • Accounting for new catering models: click and collect, fast-good, modern bistronomy...
  • Development of mobile applications from commercial catering brands
  • Delivery service in connection with major players in last mile logistics


Adoria Global Solution is the 1first commercial catering management platform in Europe.

Commercial Foodservice Software

  • Adoria develops a set of business modules presented as functional bricks designed to meet the specific needs of commercial foodservice players.
  • This commercial restaurant management software, specialized for chains and groups managing a large number of establishments is particularly adapted to advanced decision-making expectations, consolidated at country, international level.
  • We support commercial catering professionals in the complete management of their business both in terms of supply, logistics and creation of a culinary offer that is as close as possible to the expectations of the most demanding consumers.
  • Management software exclusively dedicated to the commercial catering business: the assurance of a fast and sustainable Return on Investment!
  • Adoria Global Solution is an easy-to-handle and particularly ergonomic commercial catering software; designed according to the issues and expectations of commercial catering professionals.
  • The consultants in charge of the deployment of the SAAS solution accompany each establishment in order to allow it a getting to grips with it and a quick use in total autonomy.


You are already using management software for your commercial catering establishments ?

Our Adoria Global Solution commercial restaurant software platform has been developed to integrate quickly and easily with your existing management system.

Reference Commercial Restaurant Software!"

No. 1 in Europe with international chains and groups. Trust Adoria!

You are a player in the commercial catering industry?

Enter the Adoria ecosystem and take advantage of integrated tools for digitizing your calls for tender, managing your supplies, optimizing your material costs... within simple, intuitive, effective interfaces!

Decisional dashboards associated with online help, technical documentation and business procedures ensure you a daily operational management particularly adapted to your need.

Adoria Global Solution is a solution ofe management of commercial catering establishments ultra-customizable: whatever your business, you will find the appropriate functions! And if needed our technical teams will develop the specific bricks needed for your specific business model.

Commercial restaurant management software

In the particularly competitive and continuously renewing RHF sector, each restaurant chain must offer a positioning with added value recognized on the customer's side, which is strong and differentiating; a brand universe that is easily identifiable, and make customers want to move.

The impact of the digital transition is major in this transformation because it is necessary to both offer a strong customer experience, and allow the commercial restaurant brand to make its establishments desirable.

With our Commercial Foodservice Softwareno surprises, you get the best of #FOODTECH technology and support that is fully aware of the constraints and issues specific to the management of an RHF group.

Turn the old models on their head!"

The Adoria Global Solution commercial foodservice software helps you to revisit the old, matrixed and decentralized ways of operating in Food Service. You pilot your culinary offer on all your restaurants, consolidate your production results in real time; within a single tool : your commercial catering management software. The use of all the interconnected modules of the commercial catering software is simple and intuitive.

On the entire value chain of your service offer, you have both tools and indicators dedicated to customer relations, allowing you in fine the construction of cards and menus perfectly adapted to the changing expectations of your consumers.

Affirm your culinary identity to match your marketing requirements.

All the business modules of the Adoria Global Solution commercial catering software can be customized according to the specifics of your business, your catering model, your profitability requirements: invoicing software, order management, key indicators, dashboard, connection to your cash register software, purchasing management, culinary offer management, stock monitoring, waste management...

All the management processes can be parameterized in the form of decision-making workflows to pilot your establishments with efficiency.


Adoria Global Solution is No. 1 in Europe for commercial catering softwares.

More than just a benchmark... THE BENCHMARK!

Adoria offers you a commercial catering software thought by and for catering professionals in the trade.

For one purpose only: to simplify the management of your establishments!

Save time!

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