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Save time
Inventories 3 times faster

Work where you want
Manage your tasks in the field: from the point of delivery to the stockroom

your inventories

Forget about paper! With the Adoria app, enter your inventories directly on a tablet or smartphone. Accessible even offline.

Manage traceability
at reception

The mobile app allows you to control deliveries. Pilot your stock entries and manage non-conforming products.


Compliance with your Health Plan

The tool can interface with Health & Safety Policy partner solutions that allow all Health Plan-related recordings to be made

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Our apps are evolving


Our R&D team is working on the development of new modules that will make your daily life easier. Stay connected!

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Adoria Global Solution ®
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for multi-site restaurants

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With the new Adoria mobile application, make stocktaking easy

Designed for multi-site restaurant groups, it allows restaurant owners to stocktake very easily, even offline.

Forget paper! Scan barcodes to automatically find products or search for them in the app. Then, enter quantities directly on your tablet or smartphone, wherever you are: storeroom, storage area, cold room, cellar, ... even offline.

Save time by avoiding double data entry, make your daily life easier!

Main features of the inventory module:

  • Management of inventories by storage area (according to the order you define)
  • Scanning products or searching for products in the inventory
  • Access to product files
  • Entering inventories by stockkeeping units or by multiple units
  • Synchronization with Adoria Global Solution