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Jonathan Blonbou, trainer at Eat Salad

« "For me, Adoria is: intuitive, powerful" and fast. »

EatSalad® is a fast-food brand offering made-to-order salads, seasonal specialties, homemade drinks and desserts.

Since 2013, EatSalad® has been satisfying every salad craving. With a rapidly expanding network of branches and franchises, EatSalad® is already present in France's biggest cities.

Composed right before customers' eyes with the base, fresh ingredients and homemade sauce of their choice from a wide range of options, their salads are served quickly and with a smile.

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A rapid, well-executed rollout

"The Adoria solution is very intuitive, and the project manager knows the restaurant business perfectly. He was able to provide us with solutions very quickly, including customized training."

Simplifying daily site tasks

"The main benefits of Adoria: notably for inventory: We have the possibility to enter our inventory directly on tablet; and match the order of products on Adoria to our stocks, which allows us to divide the time dedicated to inventory by two."

Identify and reduce losses, to optimize margin ratios

"The reports generated by Adoria enable us to accurately identify inventory discrepancies and markdowns, and therefore implement effective action plans.
For example, on the Mérignac restaurant, we've gone from losing 145 euros a day to 35 euros, which is considerable."

Jonathan emphasizes the time savings Adoria brings in product management, as well as a optimization of their margin ratios. This allows them to focus on their core business, which is customer satisfaction.