Adoria's integrated ecosystem

Cash register editors


Sales data feedback from Cashpad allows Adoria to analyze the discrepancies between theoretical and actual consumption to precisely identify losses. The Recipe Sheets that generate the most losses are detected, allowing the restaurant owner to act to reduce waste. Foodcost is under control.

The Cashpad x Adoria integration allows restaurant owners to combine a smart cash register including all POS technologies with a management solution optimizing operations and management.

Cashpad sends card and sales data to Adoria.
Sales and inventory status (inventories, orders, losses) provide actual consumption data.

Cashpad in a few words

Cashpad supports restaurant, hotel and cafe owners in the digitalization of their establishments. As an expert in new digital practices for the hospitality industry, Cashpad analyzes their needs and is committed to providing them with the right solution to achieve their goals.

Integrating solutions from exceptional partners, Cashpad enables the deployment of the flagship of digital solutions around their smart cash registers to bring establishments into the world of tomorrow.

Discover Cashpad's smart cash registers with their robust and elegant design, designed for the restaurant environment with their iconic durable and wear-resistant case. All POS technologies are on board to provide unmatched reliability, combined with the qualities of the iPad, the world's best tablet designed by Apple.

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