Adoria's integrated ecosystem

Sales data feedback from JES enables Adoria to analyze discrepancies between theoretical and actual consumption to precisely identify losses. The Technical Sheets that generate the most losses are detected, enabling the restaurateur to take action to reduce waste. Food cost is under control.

All administration is centralized on Adoria and is facilitated: creation of Technical Sheets, products and items.

JES x Adoria integration is particularly well suited to self-service corporate catering.

Adoria controls the card and the database of items for sale, then transmits it to JES and feeds it to the checkout keypads.

JES in a few words

JES is a software publisher, integrator and service provider. They market management solutions & digital applications for 3 markets with 3 products:

  • Moneweb® is a global and secure solution allowing to manage all the points of sale of collective spaces through a single account and offers a powerful solution for activity monitoring and billing assistance.
  • Planitech® is a resource planning solution (rooms, spaces, equipment...) dedicated to local authorities, with an intelligent engine and an integrated access control solution.
  • MyFacilities® is a global solution that improves the management of services to temporary and permanent occupants and enhances the user experience through a new generation of mobile application.