Adoria's integrated ecosystem

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Merim Group

Sales data and inventory status provide actual consumption data.

Adoria analyzes the discrepancies between theoretical and actual consumption to accurately identify losses. The recipe cards that generate the most losses are detected, allowing the restaurateur to act to reduce waste. Foodcost is under control.

Opting for the Merim x Adoria integration is a guarantee of great operational efficiency: we have been working together for several years on major account deployments.

Merim sends card and sales data to Adoria, with a very reliable link between the recipe cards on Adoria and the items on sale.

Sales and inventory status (inventories, orders, losses) provide actual consumption data.

Merim in a few words

Merim equips restaurant chains with a complete management and marketing software (Restaurant Management Software). They provide digital journey management, drive-through lane realization (physical and digital), restaurant management, marketing campaigns, production organization, internal and external order management, payment and data feedback and processing.

Merim also offers its services for signage realization, layout and manufacturing of indoor and outdoor collective furniture.
The team has more than 130 of employees determined to build the future of foodtech together. Many major international brands such as Burker King or McDonald's trust Merim to bring them all the necessary technologies for a simple, fluid and digital customer journey.

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