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Sales data feedback from PI Electronique enables Adoria to analyze discrepancies between theoretical and actual consumption to precisely identify losses. The Data Sheets that generate the most losses are detected, enabling the restaurateur to take action to reduce waste. Food costs are under control.

PI Electronique sends card and sales data to Adoria.
Sales and stock situation (inventories, orders, losses) provide actual consumption data.

PI Electronique in a few words

With 40 years' experience and tens of thousands of systems installed, PI brings unique expertise in CHR systems.

Creator notably in 1983 of Restobadge (local authorities), in 1995 of Pocket Pads for in-room ordering, then of PIClick (webcommands), PIKiosk (kiosks), PIPay (payment by QRCode), or Restoscan Totems (recognition by artificial intelligence), PI invents effective solutions for the CHR trades.

Moreover, a strong presence in the field enables them to be as close as possible to restaurateurs, with a real ability to support them on site.

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