07 | 06 | 2022

Afterworks and professional parties, what to offer in your restaurant?

With the arrival of the beautiful days, companies multiply the afterworks to weld the teams while spending a pleasant moment between colleagues.

Happy hour, special cards, privatization of your restaurant, our experts give you ideas to make a success of the professional afterworks.

An afterwork according to the needs

An afterwork in company can have several objectives. Most often, it is the desire to create team cohesion by welding employees together. To create a group dynamic, an afterwork mixing cocktails and boards to share is the most classic solution.

You can also propose collective activities to encourage exchanges. But there are also more "serious" afterworks, especially those with clients or future clients.

To make afterworks a success, your restaurant must adapt decor, menus and activities.

  • Summer, a privileged moment to strengthen cohesion

It is often with the arrival of the warm weather that companies show the most desire to decompress and strengthen group dynamics.

Afterworks ensure a substantial number of customers for your restaurant. Think about decorating your terrace with summer colors to make office colleagues want to come and share a moment after work.

  • Privatization for successful afterworks

Use your restaurant's best assets to attract professional afterworks. Unusual places, themed evenings, rooftop, the setting you offer also promotes relaxation and conviviality.

Depending on the needs, offer collective activities, such as group games, and provide a private room for both pre-afterwork meetings and activities entirely dedicated to the company.

Privatizing your restaurant can also be the way to decorate and organize your room the way the company wants for a perfectly successful evening.

  • A special menu among colleagues

Providing a special menu for afterworks allows you to display attractive prices to satisfy this clientele. Boards to share, cocktails, specific menus, favor a special menu for groups.

You can also offer different formulas to adapt the rate according to the companies. Also reserve yourself some leeway to suit all types of afterwork, from the most relaxed to the most professional.

  • Happy Hour to attract companies

Afterwork, like happy hour, comes from an Anglo-Saxon tradition that brings together work colleagues at the end of the day over a drink. So it's a specific time slot that's targeted.

To attract a group of colleagues to your restaurant and entice them to sit at your patio, you can also offer a discounted rate between 6 and 8 p.m., i.e., after work. The happy hour can also be extended precisely for company parties, the group effect allowing you to keep this reduced rate.

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