22 | 02 | 2022

An ERP to facilitate your inventories

The inventory tracking is an essential element of restaurant management. On a daily basis, it allows you to better manage supplies, know the discount unknown and reinforce your pricing strategies.

However, this task is often perceived by teams as one of the most off-putting and tedious to perform, with the result that many restaurants, due to a lack of time or staff, do not perform inventory.

What if ERP was THE solution to simplify your inventory management? What if digital allowed you to save time to focus on your core business: cooking and greeting customers?

Discover with our experts 3 good reasons to install an ERP in your catering establishments to manage your inventories!

Make a simplified monthly inventory to better manage your inventory

The best way to manage your inventories is to do it regularly.

The ERP will initially allow you to automate stock receipts, by wiring up on order receipts.

For stock removals, it is possible to make a stock removal voucher at each stock removal (this is the case in collective catering, in high schools) or - and this is the most frequent case - to make an inventory at regular period (monthly) to record the real removals.

On high value-added or strategic products ( Ex:chopped steak for a burger restaurant), it is recommended to have a higher inventory frequency.

Running your inventories allows you to calculate the actual foodcost and know your shrinkage (the difference between the theoretical and actual consumption), in order to effectively drive your establishment.

It is also a control tool to reduce the evaporation of the CA.

Pilot your stock entries and exits

The digitalization of your inventories offers many advantages:

  • Thanks to the Drag & Drop function, you can sort the products in the same order as your stock. This saves time when entering stocktakings!
  • If you have several stock areas (e.g. restaurant stock and bar), you can easily record transfers from one area to another in order to keep track.
  • By taking regular inventory, you can keep an eye on short shelf life to avoid losses. Reducing food waste is guaranteed! 

Avoid re-keying thanks to a mobile application

Using a mobile application, accessible in disconnected mode, to manage your inventories in your catering establishments allows you to save time by avoiding re-entries. 

Thanks to the tablet, there is no need for paper! You search for products in the search bar, or scan the barcodes to automatically find your products. Then you enter the quantities directly on your tablet or smartphone, wherever you want: storeroom, storage area, cold room, cellar ... 

The most useful features in an inventory application :

  • Inventory management by storage area
  • Scanning products or searching for products in the inventory
  • Access to product sheets
  • Entry of inventories by stockkeeping units or by multiple units
  • Offline mode.

Do you want to facilitate your inventories? Discover now our Inventory mobile application !

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