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Business Intelligence integrated into the ERP system

Business Intelligence integrated into the ERP system

Business Intelligence (also called "BI") can be managed internally, outsourced or integrated into another tool, depending on your needs. BI refers to all the applications and other information gathering tools that allow you to make the best decisions at all levels (sales, marketing, accounting, etc.).

Adoria experts explain why integrating BI into your ERP can be a good choice.

Business intelligence within ERP, a valuable decision-making tool

Business intelligence allows you to understand the essential data related to the business in order to make the right decisions quickly. Integrating ERP with BI software provides fast, relevant and reliable analyses to "make the data talk", saving the user tedious calculations.

Accurate and complete analyses by combining ERP and BI

Your ERP is the tool that owns all the data of your business: it manages supply, inventory and production management. Coordinating your ERP and your BI software allows the following continuous analyses:

  • Purchasing analysis:with multi-criteria breakdown (suppliers, batch markets, brands, sites, etc. ...);
  • Price analysis: compliance with price lists, evolutions per supplier, etc.
  • Analysis ofLitigation: rate of recovery of assets in case of claim if the goods are not compliant;
  • Analysis of Losses: losses of raw materials, stocks or finished products;
  • Analysis ofInventories: value, transfers/ disposals, SLED management, analysis of actual consumption;
  • Analysis of Production: actual vs. theoretical consumption, theoretical gross margins; evolution of Foodcost valuations and impact on margins and price; linkage between Recipe Cards and sale items.

    You then have all the cards in hand to make the right decisions for your restaurants.

Why send ERP analyses to a BI decision tool?

The ability to send this data to a BI decision tool allows cross-referencing these analyses to be cross-referenced with the other components of the company and the P&L (profit and loss account).

If the link between ERP and BI is valuable in the management/finance logic, it also allows decisions to be made concerning :

Production and sales;
Profitability of sales items and margin management.
The decision-making level will be done directly at the head office for other points such as

Production costs / personnel costs (HR)
Calculation of management ratios
Management according to perimeters: own sites or franchisees
Quality Assurance (QA) hygiene management.

Adoria, a business ERP for multi-site restaurants, offers integrated BI reports and analyses. Restaurant owners can thus regain control of their data and identify their levers for action; to ultimately improve the performance of their restaurants.

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