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Catering around the world - Episode 7: Lebanon

January 10 2023
cuisine libanaise

Lebanese cuisine is part of the Levantean cuisine, along with the countries of the eastern coast of the Mediterranean ("Levantine countries"). In Lebanon, one finds the influences of Jewish, Arab and Mediterranean cuisine with lesser known, but equally delicious specialties.

Mezze, falafels and pastries, discover all the richness of Lebanese cuisine. A change of scenery is guaranteed with dishes based on spices, vegetables and grilled meats.

Specialties that will delight all gourmands from appetizers to desserts

While Lebanese cuisine is known worldwide thanks to the diaspora, it has not yet revealed all its secrets. It is indeed diversity that defines the cuisine in Lebanon. Present in ceremonies and large family gatherings, one can find unique specialties from appetizer to dessert. Discover the main dishes that make this sunny cuisine famous.

The mezze, original appetizers

If we know the tapas in Spain or the antipasti in Italy, it's the mezze (or mézé) that constitutes the hors d'oeuvre in Lebanon. These appetizers are usually accompanied with Lebanese pita bread. Among the mezze must-haves are:

The houmous: popular in France for years already, this chickpea puree accompanied by pita bread is eaten in all the countries of the Levant;

The labneh: is a cheese made from ewe's or goat's milk that is also very well known;

  • The tabouleh: this salad composed of couscous, tomatoes, mint, cucumber, onions and other ingredients according to taste is a refreshing alternative and very popular;
  • The kebbeh: meatballs that we come breaded with grains.

Gourmet and refined dishes

Lebanese dishes are the result of an important cultural mix. In restaurants or during traditional meals, several dishes are served such as:

  • The shish-taouk, which is a Lebanese specialty made of chicken marinated in lemon;
  • The kefta: Skewers or meatballs of minced meat that are accompanied by grilled vegetables (eggplant, carrots or even zucchini);
  • The Sfiha Baalbakieh, which is a pastry filled with meat.

Zucchini, eggplant, spinach or carrots, there are also many vegetables cooked, grilled or marinated to accompany meat and fish.

Will you take a little Lebanese dessert?

No surprise, it is indeed the pastries that, as for neighboring countries, take place in dessert. Generous in sugar, we find among the Lebanese pastries the bormas with an astonishing aesthetic: these cakes look like small nests made from filaments of wheat paste. The nests are topped with dried fruit that is sprinkled with honey or sugar just out of the oven. Crunchy and tasty, the borma is appreciated by most gourmands.

Specialty of the Middle East, you won't miss the loukoums which are declined endlessly.

Finally, the stouf is also an iconic dessert: it's a turmeric-based cake that's embellished with almonds, hazelnuts or even sesame.

Lebanese street food

Street food is not left out in Lebanon. Street food lovers will find their happiness with sandwiches like the chawarma made with chicken, beef or lamb, which is served in a pita bread.

More well-known in France, you will also find the falafels (chickpea dumplings) which go very well with a sesame sauce to bring freshness.

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