The emergence of AI in restaurant industry
BlogNovember 14 2023
The emergence of AI in restaurant industry

In the past year, with ChatGPT's stunning entry into the public eye, AI has been on everyone's lips. It has become a catch-all and sometimes overused term. Between reality and fantasy, it's hard to understand what Artificial Intelligence really is and what it's for.

In this new white paper, Adoria's experts have investigated to help you gain perspective and clarity on this digital revolution and its applications in the restaurant industry. Not forgetting the issues it raises.

As the articles unfold, let's discover together the origins of AI and its use in restaurants.

BlogJune 28 2023
Recruiting seasonal workers in the foodservice industry: the summer challenge
recrutement restauration
The waiter profession is the one that will be recruiting the most in 2023. Yet the restaurant industry is struggling to recruit to compensate for the workforce (237,000 people)...
BlogMay 30 2023
EDI, a major lever to gain in efficiency
efficacite edi restauration
EDI (or "Electronic Data Interchange") is a tool that has revolutionized exchanges between partners. By dematerializing data (invoices, purchase orders, quotations, etc.),...
BlogApril 13 2023
Containing inflation in the restaurant industry with Adoria
gerant restaurant inflation
The restaurant industry is a sector that is feeling the full brunt of inflation. Between the increase in energy, shortages and the rise in the cost of raw materials, the pressure...
BlogApril 04 2023
Transforming your restaurant model for success in 2023
conference inflation FHT 2023
Adoria attended the roundtable discussion organized by Food Service Vision for Food Hotel Tech. The discussions focused on the major issues that have been shaking up the restaurant...
BlogMarch 27 2023
Business Intelligence integrated into the ERP system
Business Intelligence integrated into the ERP system
Business Intelligence (also called "BI") can be managed internally, outsourced or integrated into another tool, depending on your needs. BI refers to all the applications...
BlogMarch 10 2023
Traceability in the restaurant industry, between constraint and competitive advantage
tracabilite erp restaurant
In recent years, food safety and traceability have been at the heart of consumer expectations. It is a legal obligation for all restaurants to respect, which can turn into...
BlogMarch 10 2023
Integration of the accounting tool with the ERP, in the foodservice sector
accounting restaurant erp
When interfaced with an accounting management tool, ERP acts as a link between restaurant activity and accounting management, sending the relevant data flows. The objective?...
BlogMarch 01 2023
Corporate catering in 2023: how to deal with today's challenges?
Corporate catering in 2023: how to deal with today's challenges?
Always strongly impacted since the health crisis and the implementation of telecommuting (-30 e CA between August 2019 and August 2022 (1)), company catering is constantly...
BlogFebruary 27 2023
Customer choice in the age of algorithms
conference algorithme sirha 2023
The entire Adoria team went to SIRHA Lyon, éworld event of Food Service and Hospitality, to meet with the main players in the restaurant industry. Highlight of the...
BlogFebruary 02 2023
Collective catering facing the energy crisis
Collective catering facing the energy crisis
With rising electricity and gas prices, the energy crisis is having a lasting impact on our consumption patterns; this is also true for contract catering, which is already...
BlogJanuary 25 2023
The essential functionalities of the ERP for the management of restaurants
gerant restaurant
ERP is a valuable tool for steering in multi-site catering. The data collected allows the head office to monitor the activity of each site and to have a consolidated vision. But...
BlogJanuary 16 2023
New hotel models in 2023
hotel en nature
Constantly evolving, the hotel industry is innovating again by 2023. Directly linked to current events and new customer expectations, the sector is turning to concepts that...