18 | 07 | 2022

Choosing an ERP in organized catering, from accounting to room service, the new functionalities that are revolutionizing catering and hospitality?

From the generalist to the more specific, finding an ERP is not simple. It is important to choose your provider according to your sector of activity to benefit from an adapted service with operational needs already integrated.

Today, there are simple and light ERP software accessible to smaller companies.

Accounting, human resources, room service, Adoria helps you choose the right ERP for your restaurant business based on the functionalities you need.

The functionalities of an ERP according to your business

Whether it is for your restaurant or hotel chain, you need to choose your ERP provider based on your needs and the functionalities it has. Reservations, accounting, customer relations or even inventory management, discover the ERP functionalities according to your business sector.

A software for the restaurant industry

In the organized restaurant sector, the ERP has revolutionized management. More than just a tool, it comes to harvest all data in real time. Stocks, staff management, sales, orders, all processes are optimized and legal notices updated. An ERP specialized in organized catering offers many features in the management of catering such as:

  • Returns and refunds;
  • Table management;
  • Invoices;
  • Inventory management;
  • Printing orders in the kitchen;
  • Tipping option at payment;

This list is not exhaustive and new features of ERP specialized in catering are particularly about digitalization. Mobile application, payment facility, automation, delivery and takeaway sales, etc. Thanks to these new services, ERP offers a service that promotes the customer experience while gaining speed.

A software for hospitality

The use of ERP in the hospitality business has also grown. In addition to the services and features of the restaurant industry, the hospitality industry has to deal with a large number of jobs. Waiters, bartenders, cooks, receptionists, maid or valet, the ERP in hospitality must centralize the actions of each person to streamline the organization and optimize time.

To facilitate work and management in each of your hotels, ERP also promotes:

  • Reception desks: Centralizes data for the reception of the public, complete schedule of reservations, etc.;
  • Management of room cleaning to centralize information and easily indicate the rooms to be cleaned according to affluence and customer departures;
  • Reservation website, a sector in full development, the customer goes more and more through the internet to book rooms;
  • Price fluctuation (weekend, high season, low season).

In the hotel industry, the ERP must be more comprehensive since it must harmonize and coordinate a greater number of trades. In addition to the functionalities, you need to choose a fluid and easy-to-access ERP for the hospitality business to make it accessible to a large number of employees.

Choosing your ERP

Small or large company, choosing the ERP-business allows you to have a tool adapted to your activity with functionalities specific to your needs. ERP brings time savings, optimization and fluidity in the management of your restaurants or hotels.

It is possible to choose a generalist ERP but for SMEs, it requires significant financial resources to manage the tools. An ERP-business is lighter and easier to use.

Adoria advises you in the choice of your ERP provider to benefit from a service adapted to your company.

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