21 | 06 | 2022

Coliving, workation, staycation, discover the new trends in the hotel industry

The health crisis has taken its toll on certain habits, and in order to adapt to the new needs of its customers and find new business opportunities, the hotel industry has had to rethink its practices.

Find out about the latest trends such as "coliving", "workation" and "staycation". Whether for work or vacation, consumer habits are changing, and so is the hotel offer.

Coliving to stay in a hotel for the long term

Coliving is one of the new trends we are seeing in the hotel industry. This anglicism is a concept that offers both hotel room and shared space. Some hotels offer, beyond two nights, access to a kitchen, a dining room or a laundry room in addition to your room. Somewhere between a hotel and a shared apartment, coliving allows your clients to stay in a hotel for a long period of time, at attractive rates.

Many formulas to adapt coliving to your clientele

Some hotel chains offer permanent or temporary coliving, depending on the needs of the clientele.

  • 100 oliving: the hotel becomes the client's home.
  • Coliving according to the seasons: you can also offer formulas for a stay in the summer or winter for example. With this offer, it is your hotel that adapts to a certain clientele. The summer for a younger clientele and the rest of the year for professional customers for example.

There are several ways to offer coliving. You must remain attentive to the needs and expectations of your clientele.

Coliving, a long-term solution

Coliving is not an absolute solution, it has limitations. For example, it involves offering more competitive rates to your customers, and puts you in direct competition with the Airbnb platform, which offers this formula in private apartments at competitive prices.

Coliving is a long-term vision, so you must evaluate the benefits over several years.

Workation, to combine vacation and work

Workation is a term that became popular after the health crisis. With this method, the client will combine vacation and work in an often idyllic setting.

Workation is for telecommuting professionals who want to get out of their routine. It's up to you to offer an atypical workspace and residence to make travel-hungry professionals dream.

The benefits of working on vacation

Besides the benefits of the dream setting, workation, like coliving, ensures you a long-term client base. You promote the well-being of your clients while offering, like coworking, exchanges between professionals who want to network.

Workation is a concept that ensures a clientele of regulars who dream of working in a vacation spot.

Staycation, vacations close to home

Hotel managers are increasingly receiving new customers, previously unthinkable: families or couples who decide to take a break less than 100km from home.

Staycation, stress-free vacations just a stone's throw away

The promise to customers is simple: vacations just a stone's throw away without the stress of travel. It is also the health crisis that has democratized this trend. You have a rather local clientele, often for the short term, who decide to take advantage of the unsuspected charms of their region.

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