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Containing inflation in the restaurant industry with Adoria

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The restaurant industry is a sector that is feeling the full brunt of inflation. Between the increase in energy, shortages and the rise in the cost of raw materials, the pressure is on the side of the buyers.

As the Purchasing Director of a catering group, you want to have the best prices and visibility over the medium term while giving weight to your negotiations?
Adoria provides you with essential tools to regain control of your purchases while limiting the impact of inflation on the end customer.

Follow the evolution of prices in real time

In the current context, the evolution of prices is daily and we notice a disparity of the effects of inflation. In the top five most inflationary products are sugar, butter, sunflower oil and frozen ground beef, everyday restaurant ingredients.

With Adoria, updating your suppliers' pricing is both easy and fast, it is done in bulk by importing/exporting filesor directly online by suppliers.

With Adoria, you have all the cards in hand to track and identify products where savings can be made.

Identify and evaluate possible savings based on products

The "optimization" report is an exclusive Adoria tool, it allows you to save several thousands of euros by choosing the cheapest reference for a product among the references negotiated by the purchasing department.

The "optimization" report provides at-a-glance access to key indicators such as:

  • The top 10 products to be optimized, i.e., for which there are negotiated references that are cheaper than the ones you are buying;
  • The share of optimized, non-optimized purchases and the optimizable gap over a given period;
  • Optimization history to gain perspective

A real-world example of how Adoria's "optimization" tool can save money

A customer has a history of buying butter cups from supplier 1. Adoria's "optimization" tool automatically locates a lower priced negotiated reference from supplier 2.
For a butter cup the optimization gain seems small since:

  • Supplier 1 sells it at €0.106;
  • Supplier 2 sells it at €0.091.

Yet, if we reduce the cost to the year, our customer has saved 3580€ in one year for a single site and for a single reference.

Consolidate purchasing and reporting with the Adoria tool

With the reports provided by Adoria, you can analyze your past purchases, and identify if there are equivalent references purchased by institutions. You can then practice a tightening of references on a product, in order to optimize your supplier negotiations.

Adoria offers tender management, production management and supply management in order to optimize gains and thus reduce the effects of inflation on the consumer.
Adoria provides you with simple and effective tools to benefit from a global visibility on your purchases and the prices you are offered: you have the cards in your hands to improve your Purchasing performance.

With Adoria, you can also track referrals purchased out of contract to check if facilities are following your purchasing policy.

Take back control of your negotiations by preparing them thoroughly

As a Purchasing Manager you depend on suppliers; yet, there are levers to take back control of negotiations and get good prices despite the crisis.

With Adoria's Disputes report, you can determine which suppliers are "playing the game" or not by tracking various indicators:

  • purchasing history;
  • dispute balance by supplier
  • Distribution of ongoing disputes by typology (broken, DLC, missing, price refused, etc.).

Reducing losses

Reducing losses helps to limit waste and therefore avoid purchasing excess raw material. It is also an effective method to limit the impact of inflation.
To do this, Adoria offers a comprehensive and accurate "Inventory Gap" report that displays a top 10 largest gaps (inventory gap vs. theoretical stock) and associated losses. Restaurant teams can also record and analyze raw material losses as well as finished goods losses.

Adoria Helps You Contain Inflation with Effective Levers

Inflation has a lasting impact on the restaurant industry. As a buyer, you need to reduce the impact on a la carte prices. Adoria works daily with restaurant owners to counter the effects of inflation and keep prices affordable for customers.

Adoria provides restaurant groups with levers to limit price increases for consumers by optimizing productivity and food pricing.

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