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EDI, a major lever for greater efficiency

May 30 2023
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EDI (or "Electronic Data Interchange") is a tool that has revolutionized exchanges between partners. By dematerializing data (invoices, purchase orders, quotations, etc.), you avoid human errors while gaining in management efficiency. EDI has been used in certain sectors since the 1960s, and has now become a must-have, including in the foodservice industry.

But how do you connect your restaurants to EDI, and what are the advantages of this type of exchange? Adoria gives you all the keys you need to understand what's at stake with Electronic Data Interchange.

Connecting and automating data with EDI

For Electronic Data Interchange to work, it's important to meet these two criteria:

  • Connect the tool to your various sites for a global view of your business;
  • Automate this exchange to gain efficiency while limiting errors.

But why is EDI so valuable in the foodservice industry?

What is EDI?

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) facilitates communication between partner companies. This type of format replaces paper documents, speeds up exchanges and limits errors. Today, there is no alternative, and here are the reasons why.

To process EDI documents, there is a precise format (called standard format) to enable partner computers to understand the information sent and received. This type of standard is indispensable, because without it, each company would use its own personal format that the receiving company would not be able to understand.

Electronic data interchange, a valuable tool

EDI is a tool that dates back to the 1960s. Initially, this type of exchange was used by transport companies (maritime, rail or even road).

Today, EDI is ubiquitous and indispensable in all sectors. It's everywhere, because it's a fast, efficient way of communicating between partners. With digitalization, restaurant chains have also adopted EDI to optimize multisite management.

Did you know?
Adoria is the first player in the restaurant sector to have put its trust in EDI.
We've been taking part for years in round tables organized by GS1 France* on the future of digitalization, long convinced of the invaluable help it can provide.

Why use EDI?

EDI has become indispensable and remains, even today, the only alternative for efficient and optimal exchanges between partners. It enables certain tasks to be automated.

The benefits of EDI

EDI is proving particularly well suited to the foodservice sector.
Order and receipt data are sent instantly to your suppliers. EDI simplifies your supplier exchanges to facilitate the lives of your teams.

  • You save time;
  • Avoid errors and gain in accuracy (no need for tedious re-typing);
  • Strengthen trust in your business relationships, as EDI brings transparency between partners;
  • Limit your environmental impact: with dematerialization, no more paper!

Adoria Leader in EDI: We are the only player in the market to be connected in EDI with so many suppliers, and to offer EDI for receipt management.
70,000 : that's the number of EDI orders placed each month on Adoria.

How to benefit from EDI with Adoria? Nothing could be simpler, EDI is included in the subscription,no additional fees! Want to find out more?

* GS1: global organization active in the standardization of coding methods used in the supply chain.

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