08 | 08 | 2022

ERP for the restaurant industry or a generalist ERP enriched with specific functionalities?

Whether in commercial or collective catering or in any other sector, ERP is not just an IT support. This solution allows you to have a global and real time vision of your activities. But to benefit from an optimal ERP, you need to equip yourself with a tool adapted to the size of your company, to the number of sites as well as to the services you offer.

General or specific ERP, Adoria gives you all the keys to choose according to your expectations and thus succeed in the implementation of the system.

General ERP for a greater flexibility

There are two main types of ERP. Depending on the configuration of your business or depending on your needs, the choice will be for a general or then more specific software.

How to choose your ERP?

To choose your ERP you must first take into account the specificity of your business: the more precise your business is, the more the so-called business ERP will be a wise choice. But the good implementation of your software also passes by:

  • The analysis of your databases;
  • The modeling of the target system;
  • An audit as well for the organization as for the means to be set up;
  • A reflection on the processes to be modified.

Generalist ERP, a system that adapts to your needs

Choosing a generalist ERP is to choose security. These tools already gather millions of users and, thanks to their verticalization, meet multiple needs; they can also be enriched with specific functionalities.

However, despite its advantages, the generalist ERP for the catering or hospitality business also has its shortcomings.
Generalist ERPs are designed for companies of substantial size. For VSEs or SMEs, especially in the restaurant industry, these systems are likely to be cumbersome (and therefore slower) to implement; they are also likely to cost much more.

In the restaurant industry, it would be wiser to turn to a more specific tool that meets your needs and tasks exclusively.

A specific ERP for your restaurant

Specific ERP for more efficient and faster service

A specific ERP for commercial or institutional catering will be more efficient and faster to deploy. Today, these ERPs are still flexible, so you won't be stuck in a system that's too narrow.

A specific software allows you to have a tool that's easier to pick up that will evolve along with your restaurants.

An ERP designed for your business, the choice of multinationals

There is a third case of an ERP designed by a company to adapt services exclusively to its business.

But this is not a choice, it is a luxury reserved for multinationals in the collective or commercial catering industry. With this ERP model, all the options and actions are tailor-made and therefore perfectly suited to your restaurants.

Adoria, a management solution for multi-site catering

General or specific ERP? Although both choices are possible, Adoria advises you to go for a business ERP (therefore specific) that will be easier to implement and will offer services in line with your needs and those of your restaurants.

Adoria helps you implement an ERP adapted to your business for optimal management of your restaurant establishments.


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