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Food Service Around the World - Episode 6: Argentina

November 16 2022
empanadas argentine

Adoria offers to continue its world tour of the restaurant industry with the cuisine of Latin America, which, like the Argentine cuisine, has many specialties with multiple flavors. With products from the land, sea and forest, the South American terroir is very rich.

Empanadas, locro, asado, ceviche Peruvian or alfajor in dessert, let's discover together the Latin American dishes made with fresh products, to be eaten cold or hot depending on the country and the specialties.

Argentine dishes: to eat on the go or for a moment of sharing with friends

Argentine dishes are shared with friends or enjoyed on the go. Street food, meat dishes or gourmet desserts, discover the specialties consumed daily by Argentines.

Dishes to enjoy on the go, a real treat

If the emblematic hamburger is the undisputed king of Street Food, many Argentine specialties, like the empanada or the locro have nothing to envy it.

The empanada, a specialty of Argentina that takes the form of a stuffed turnover, is very popular. For those who like to cook on the go, the tortilla rellena (tortilla stuffed with ham and cheese that is grilled) is also a typical dish.

As for the locro, it is a popular dish, originally eaten by the Andean peoples, or northwestern Argentina. It consists of corn, white beans and meat.

Both convenient and inexpensive, these small dishes to enjoy are real delights.

Argentine cuisine for a moment of sharing around the asado, the local barbecue

Argentine restaurants are known for their quality meats and delicious wines. The reputation of Argentina's grilling meat is well established and it is common to share a good asado (the equivalent of barbecue in France). It is a real institution, shared with friends or family. It is even common to have an asado for dinner ... Christmas!"

Argentines appreciate a well-stocked table for a hearty and festive meal, whether it is around good meat at the table or during an asado.

Elsewhere in Latin America: specialties from the sea

While Argentina specializes in meat, dishes from the sea can be found in other South American countries. Fresh and tasty recipes are particularly popular, such as ceviche, a Peruvian specialty that is also found in other Latin American countries. It is a dish based on raw fish or seafood, which comes cooked in a marinade and accompanied by vegetables or fruits most often raw.

In Latin America, there are also a large number of fish-based recipes, such as moqueca de peixe (Brazilian fish stew), and other pan-fried fish.

Would you like a little dessert?

Less well known, but just as tasty, are South American desserts. To end on a sweet and fresh note, there's the açai bowl made with fruit and berries.

The more indulgent will indulge in the'alfajor (the local "oreo"), a gourmet sweet in the form of a cookie topped with chocolate or sugar glaze.

What drinks to accompany the meal?

There are two drinks that are widely consumed in Argentina to be enjoyed before, during or after the meal.

The traditional maté is the national drink, which is prepared by infusing yerba mate leaves, a species close to the holly. It is drunk at any time of day in a kind of calabash, with a metal straw that also serves as a filter, the bombilla.Mate is more bitter than tea, and a whole ritual must be observed before drinking it.

You'll find Fernet, the festive drink popular with young Agentins, everywhere. Made from plant liqueur, its real secret lies in its clever assembly of plants and spices; it is often consumed in cocktails, mixed with coca.

Finally, Argentina also has some very tasty and world-renowned wines, but it would take an entire article to talk about them.

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