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Give meaning to your loyalty policy

January 24 2022
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Creating a loyalty program is a great way for restaurants to keep their customers happy and increase overall sales. To get the most out of it, you need to determine how the program will be most beneficial to your customers and your business.

Adoria presents several ideas to make your loyalty policy meaningful and keep your customers coming back.

Make customers want to schedule reservations

If you're looking for tricks to liven up your restaurant, incorporating special offers into your online reservations will make the difference. Customers looking to save money will be enticed if you offer a discount. This can thus convince them to try your establishment.

Provide exclusive offers to guests booking a table

Although it sounds trivial, this strategy can help you get new bookings and attract customers to your restaurant, especially during slow periods.

Some examples of great offers:

  • -10% off the bill
  • One menu purchased, a free menu
  • A free drink

Promote your restaurant's loyalty program everywhere

In addition to promoting the benefits of being a member of an online loyalty program, take steps to promote the program in other locations, just to cover as much ground as possible:

    • Create signs for customers to read about the benefits of membership while seated in your restaurant.
    • Implement a reward for current members who refer a new person for the loyalty program.

Cross-promote your program with another local business or influencer on social media.

The mono product issue at the center of restaurant economic strategy

Single product concept restaurants are skyrocketing, but what makes them so successful?

Where did the mono product concept come from?

The mono product concept is nothing new: fish and chip restaurants have a strong foothold in the UK. While modern single-product restaurants are more sophisticated and innovative, they still essentially use the same idea. What makes the single-product concept work so well?

"Less is more", who can do more can do less

A short menu with few dishes conveys a sense of quality to customers. Evidence shows that many customers are turned off by too much choice and find menus with many dishes too long to read and sometimes too confusing. By offering a simple choice based on a single product, the customer instantly understands what they are buying, and this is what will make your reputation.

At L'Entrecôte in Bordeaux, the restaurant went so far as to eliminate the menu altogether, offering a single dish: an entrecote and its accompaniments.

It's a bold move that won't work for everyone, but it's a unique selling point that many curious customers will want to try.

A different kind of branding

Keeping it simple and focusing on a particular product can make a name for yourself, but you'll have to be original.

By choosing a niche product as the basis for your restaurant, you're taking a risk but you're also making yourself unique and memorable.

Who says single-product, says excellence

If there's one rule you must follow if you run a restaurant with a single-product concept, it's to be excellent at what you offer.

Basing your entire business on that single product, you absolutely must be brilliant at cooking it, presenting it and serving it. No one will return to a specialty restaurant if they have eaten even one bite of this poorly cooked product. The good news is that with a unique product concept, you have the opportunity to become a complete expert. Your chef needs to be passionate about the product and your staff needs to live and breathe it.

With all of these strings in place, you have all the cards in hand to boost your customer loyalty, and grow your business.

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