05 | 01 | 2022

In the restaurant business, simplicity of dishes is more important than sophistication

Since 2021, one of the trends in the restaurant industry is to go back to basics. Restaurateurs and food industries are focusing on the basics, which are most in demand by consumers.

Get rid of superfluous ingredients and products, the return to simplicity in the restaurant industry is based on several axes: menus, ingredients and sourcing.

Simplicity means a shorter menu

Adoria outlines the key benefits of shortening your restaurant's menu.

A shorter menu to better define your brand and appeal to the right audience

This can help you clarify your restaurant's concept. When you want to shorten your menu, think about which dishes best fit your restaurant's image and which ones appeal most to your customers.

Focusing on dishes that reflect your vision for your restaurant can better define your brand.

Less choice for an enhanced customer experience

While a short menu has many benefits for you and your staff, it also benefits your customers.
A more pre-reduced menu not only makes the decision process easier for customers, but it can also help increase the perception of quality. In their minds, a broad menu can make your efforts seem unfocused, and more importantly, too many dishes is often associated with a lack of quality. By limiting your menu to just a few dishes, you make it clear to customers that these dishes are your specialties. A choice of simplicity that will pay off in a big way.

A return to basics in the preparation of dishes

There seems to be a consensus in the restaurant industry that the simpler and more accessible the dishes are, the more impact they have on today's customers. This plays out in both the preparation of meals and their presentation.

The return to local is pushing your dishes to become simpler

The rise of local consumption is affecting all sectors, especially the restaurant industry. The French are increasingly favoring short circuits, small producers, "made in France" or even organic food. If driving a few kilometers to buy from a small producer has become a reflex for some consumers, it should also become widespread among restaurant owners.

This return to local and short circuit will thus necessarily induce a rethinking of the content of your dishes, even simplifying your recipes, which will not be without displeasing your clientele concerned with eating better.

Dressing: the concern for simplicity

Simplicity can also be found in the dressing of the plate. Gradually, chefs are moving away from imposing dishes and sauce boats to simpler, more elegant presentation styles. The result is a more streamlined style, without overload, that allows the plate to serve as a backdrop to guide diners to the essential ingredient groups. It allows the important parts of the plate to be highlighted without artifice. A true guarantee of quality, highlighting both the taste and the aesthetics of your dishes.

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