10 | 05 | 2022

Integrate digital payment solutions to facilitate table turnover

While the restaurant industry is experiencing major revolutions and massive digitalization every year, table service has lagged a bit behind. Thus, consumers once placed at the table wait for a waiter to bring the card and take their order; then once the meal is over, for the waiter to bring the bill and return with the Eftpos terminal to cash the customer's bank card, before potentially receiving a tip.

Numerous digital payment solutions are emerging to facilitate and accelerate this step in restaurants, such as Sunday App or Zenchef Pay. These tools not only take the burden off the staff, but also provide a smooth customer experience.

Adoria takes you through these solutions and their benefits for both your restaurant and your customers.

Sunday App and Zenchef Pay, mobile payment solutions

Sunday, then, is a mobile payment platform created by the Big Mamma restaurant group.
Zenchef Pay complements Zenchef's offering, initially a commission-free online reservation tool and now a comprehensive digital tool that helps restaurant owners maximize their performance and create exceptional experiences for their customers.

These are solutions that rely on QR codes that customers scan to pay more easily. The goal? To offer a way to democratize payment by phone, beyond Apple Pay. And for you, a way to speed up payment and have more interaction with customers during service.

How it works?

Linked directly to your POS and checkouts, the solution lets you centralize payments.

Use by your customers

Your customers view the menu directly via the QR code, and can order at any time (only on Sunday App). For payment, nothing could be simpler, they can pay their bill and share it in a single click, with their connected wallet or credit card.

The system setup

The system setup is very easy, and the solution is quickly operational. You need to fill in your seating chart, so that the tool generates the QR codes specific to each. Then, you link it to your POS system, and integrate your menus and cards.

Why opt for adematerialized payment solution?

Integrating a mobile payment solution such as Sunday App or Zenchef Pay has many benefits. It allows you to turn tables faster, which increases your profitability, but also improves the customer experience.

Benefits for your customers

  • Less wait time

Customers can find out directly what menu and dishes are available without having to wait for a server to bring them the menu. Ordering and payment are done quickly, for a frustration-free meal.

  • No need to download an app, a QR code is all that's needed

There are no longer any barriers to using this new payment solution. In fact, customers don't need to download an app or create an account, they just need to scan a QR code with their smartphone and be connected to the internet.

  • New generation contactless payment

A digital payment solution at the table, which doesn't involve waiting, will be welcomed by your restaurants' diners. And this is true whether you are a small bistro or a chain of establishments.

Benefits to your establishment

  • Focus staff on other tasks

By eliminating the time spent taking orders and cashing out customers, service staff are freed up to focus on other important tasks: they can focus more on customers, allowing restaurants to operate at full capacity with less rush, and servers to earn better tips.

  • Increase tipping

While tipping is not yet ingrained in France, Sunday App is aimed at restaurants in all countries, such as the United States where tipping is systematic. Integrating an online payment method, centralized, and directly on the mobiles of your guests allows you to increase the value of tips, and to encourage customers who are not used to leaving one to give one.

  • Real-time data update and simplified connection to your other software

Tables served, dishes ordered, ingredients out of stock, bills awaiting payment... All your establishments' data is visible and consultable in real time, for a significant time saving and a better overview of your activity.

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