28 | 02 | 2022

Make your restaurant a community place

Adoria gives you all the keys to transform your restaurant into a true community place. This polysemous definition allows you to choose any branding axis: from the multicultural place to the charitable establishment.

The restaurant at the heart of exchanges between People

Do you know the Ninkasi chain? This group of establishments is based on an original concept: to bring together in one place restaurants, drinking establishments and music. This marriage of three different activities creates a place of exchange and sharing, where guests gather not only to eat together, but also to dance and chat.

Bringing inspiration from concepts that work

Like Darwin in Bordeaux or Ninkasi in Lyon, you can choose to make your establishment a place of brewing, in your image. Mix food and drink with concerts, music or even cultural exhibitions, and thus be at the heart of creating interactions between customers.

Be at the center of local businesses

With the growing number of more engaged consumers, it's worth being more present in your local community and supporting other local businesses.

Why support local businesses as a restaurant owner?

First, it benefits your business. Working with local businesses doesn't just mean creating a simple business network. Being part of a close-knit community of merchants means you're in the company of people who serve the same local needs as you and experience the same things in the local economy as you do. Not only can you share best practices and valuable tips for thriving in your area, but you also grow your customer base.

This also benefits the local economy.

Finally, you become part of a community. There is nothing like the support of a local community. In both the best and worst times of your establishment, it's your closest neighbors who will be there for you. And in turn, doing business with other local businesses means you're also helping a neighbor out.

Howto support local businesses?

The restaurant industry is full of opportunities for you to support local businesses. Adoria introduces you to some of them.

  • Buy your ingredients locally

Simply sourcing from local producers is not only beneficial but important. Locally sourced products leave a relatively small carbon footprint because they have traveled less distance to get to you. Second, locally sourced food is fresher and better for the consumer.

  • Provide deals to other local businesses

This can take the form of discounted catering, for example. You can also exchange coupons with other local businesses or partner to offer special deals to customers. This will kill two birds with one stone.

  • Organize events that showcase your local businesses

This can be as simple as opening your shared space for a street market. Collaboration is at the heart of being part of the community, and taking part in events is a great way to connect and build relationships with other business leaders.

Charity and Solidarity Dining: the "hanging lunch and coffee"

In vogue for the past several years, the principle of hanging lunch and coffee has been gaining more and more traction in restaurants. Consumers, looking for solidarity and community action, like to take part in charitable and supportive actions. The hanging coffee, and more recently the hanging meal, is a perfect illustration of this.

What is a hanging coffee?

A tradition of Italian origin, the hanging coffee consists of paying the bill for two coffees, one of which is consumed for oneself, and the other for a customer who would not be able to pay. This practice tends to become widespread in various bars, cafés and restaurants.

How do hanging coffees work?

Just as the Wanted Café restaurant in Bordeaux was able to set up, the system of hanging coffees and meals allows people with insufficient incomes to enjoy a coffee or a menu prepaid by another customer. The restaurant registers the number of meals and coffee available for all to see, and participates in a charitable action by reserving them for the most underprivileged. An initiative that is becoming more and more attractive, and which is notably the success of Wanted Café Bordeaux.

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