16 | 01 | 2023

New hotel models in 2023

Constantly evolving, the hotel industry is innovating again by 2023. Directly linked to current events and new customer expectations, the sector is turning to concepts that combine local roots, authenticity, quality catering and a new customer experience.

From revisited hostels to immersion in nature, hotel trends are moving toward a grounding in reality, like a break from the hectic pace of everyday life.

Hostels revisited: upscale, bar-restaurant and local products

We all have in mind the low-cost hostels set up all over the world to allow travelers to easily find accommodation. Multiple dorms and limited decorations reduced the experience to the bare essentials.

But in 2023, the trend is toward a makeover with fancier and sometimes themed establishments. The key? Implementing a bar-restaurant to promote profitability.

Hostels accessible to all

Today, hostels offer nights in dorms, but also separate rooms for couples or families. Hostels are moving upmarket and this model works: you keep rooms low-cost, but in a friendly and pleasant environment.

There are also more upscale hostels likethe Mama Shelter. Thought of as urban communities at affordable prices, these establishments offer hyperconnected new nomads nights in a warm, designer setting.

As for Compagnie des Alpes, they wanted to give a taste of the mountains back to "Millenials" who don't ski. To do this, they opened last winter in Risoul a new concept of accommodation with coliving, cooking to share and entertainment, such as video games.

Finally, themed youth hostels are flourishing all over the world. The trend is no longer just to find a cheap room, but to live a new experience with themes such as cycling in France, surfing in Australia, skateboarding or even climbing with the Solid Rock Backpackers in New Zealand.

A quality bar-restaurant to meet expectations and ensure profitability

If youth hostels can still offer economical rooms while moving upmarket, it's thanks to the bar-restaurant formula. On-site consumption accounts for nearly half of the turnover for a hostel or hotel. And to attract customers, there's nothing like a menu based on quality local products.

A nature experience for total immersion

If the trends of previous years were rather based on new technologies and the virtual, we notice today that the "nature" market is in vogue. With current events emphasizing ecology and energy sobriety, customers increasingly want to live an authentic experience close to nature. We are thus seeing the emergence of "lifestyle" hotel concepts, with more environmental values. Depending on taste, the comfort is more or less marked.

The example rustic cabins for the pleasure of all

A night or a weekend cut off from civilization has become trendy. There have been for some time tree houses or hidden deep in the forest for a total immersion in nature.

The concept can be taken to the extreme with cabins without water or electricity, to experience an adventure that will delight children and offer a calming interlude for parents or grandparents-parents. Awith dinner and breakfast delivered to the foot of the tree, the back to basics is guaranteed!

The experience of a night without water or electricity is also available in hostels like in Corrençon-en-Vercors (in Isère) where " Le Clariant " offers nights in a hostel isolated in the middle of the mountains. The concept is a hit as sales have increased 10-fold in recent years.

Finally, immersion in the wilderness can be taken to the extreme with "roofless and wallless" rooms, as, for example, in parts of Switzerland where " zero imfurniture " rooms are offered. Here you will find a large luxurious bed, bedside tables and lamps. This very upscale concept provides butlers and personalized services for an unforgettable night under the stars.


With an authentic, eco-friendly experience, hotels are attracting a clientele hungry for new concepts. For 2023, the hotel industry trend is therefore a return to more sober habits, turned toward nature while maintaining comfort and well-being.

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