09 | 11 | 2022

Social networks, indispensable allies in the hotel and restaurant industry

Adoria will be present at the "Communication: Saying and Showing on Social Networks" conference at the EquipHotel trade show currently taking place in Paris, and will explain how to manage your networks in the hotel and catering industry.

Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook or Twitter, these networks have become essential to manage your communication and unite your community around your restaurant or hotel. However, it is not always easy to control your image and make the most of it. Here are some tips and examples from the conference speakers:

  • Thomas Frébourg, Managing Director of the 14 September agency
  • Thomas Yung, Associate Director of My Hotel Reputation
  • Aurélien Armagnac, Director and owner of the French Theory hotel
  • Virginie Barboux, Director of Communication, Digital and Customer Experience at Best Western Hotels & Resorts.

Knowing what to say and show on social networks, a practice in constant evolution

With review applications such as Yelp, Google My Business, The Fork, or Trip Advisor, social networks are the main showcase for your restaurant or hotel.

Choosing the right network, editorial line, photo, video, how do you master these communication tools and stand out from the competition? Here are a few tips from these experts and from Adoria.

The essential platforms for your image

Social networks are constantly evolving; if Facebook no longer attracts young people, Tik Tok is the application that is on the rise. Should you choose one network over another?

It all depends on the target audience. For hotels and restaurants alike, Instagram is still the leading network that unites all generations.

Some people think that Facebook is "finished", yet it is relevant to continue publishing as long as there is an audience. The challenge is not to close your account on one network, but rather to embark your community on the next, by linking your accounts together.

Tik Tok has desacralized video, in terms of quality. According to Virginie Barboux, "it's now or never that you have to start: in 2 years, it will certainly be more complicated to do it without a budget because the algorithm will have changed. Another strong point of this network is that it is not necessary to follow an account to see its content, so a brand can more easily reach prospects.

It's important to have the strengths of your product in mind, and then adapt your message and format according to the platform. On Instagram, stories, videos and photos are highlighted, whereas on Tik Tok, you have to publish exclusively video.

The customer, an important ally for your social networks

As with customer reviews, the consumer also contributes to your e-reputation on social networks.

According to a survey carried out in 2022 at the EquipHotel trade show, 64% of customers questioned take photos of their food in restaurants and 61% of their hotel room. In the majority of cases, this content will enrich their social networks, some of which have many subscribers. What you experience is shown, shared and told.
Your social networks do not only depend on you, but also on your customers: this is why you must encourage them to publish or share when they are satisfied. Especially since 50% of social network users trust their friends' recommendations to choose their holiday destination or accommodation*.

Respect an editorial line to stand out

All restaurants and hotels use social networks, which is why you need to find your own editorial line to stand out.

To do this, you need to come up with content that relates to the place and spirit of your establishment. According to Aurélien Armagnac, you need to refocus on the basics of marketing: knowing your targets and the positioning of your establishment, i.e. taking a stand. For example, the French Theory hotel communicates on wine, coffee and music, which are the hallmarks of its identity.

This editorial line can even be different for hotels or restaurants of the same brand. For example, the Best Western France group includes 300 independent hotels - 60 of which are in Paris - which publish different content depending on the location and identity of the hotel; each manages its publications independently. However, common hashtags are used to unite all the establishments.

The most important thing is to provide content with high added value, differentiating and adapted to the audience. Do not neglect the human aspect, such as the teams and the experiences of the customers. In the hotel and restaurant industry, there are many "stories to tell".

Get away from clichés, bring emotion and inspire the customer.

5 tips for successful communication on your social networks

In conclusion, here are 5 tips for successful communication on social networks:

Focus on quality content, with a precise angle, and according to a defined schedule. Avoid "publishing for the sake of publishing";
Adapt your content to the different networks, as each one has its own specificities and audience;
Adapt the content to the identity of your establishment: for example, don't just post a photo of the Eiffel Tower or "beautiful rooms" if your hotel is in Paris, but highlight what makes it unique.
Respond to reviews: Thomas Yung reminds us that all negative reviews should be responded to in the following steps: remind the customer that you remember them, how you solved the problem and show what you did to improve the service. Don't forget to respond to positive reviews as well.
Don't neglect the captions and other texts that accompany your posts.

*Figure given by Thomas Frébourg at the conference

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