17 | 03 | 2022

Streamline your menu: minimalism is on the rise

Menu development is a crucial step for every restaurant, but it can sometimes be tricky. A large menu does not always mean customer satisfaction or efficiency. A shorter menu with simple and clear formulas makes it easier for customers to make decisions, while giving the impression that the food is more upmarket. Adoria shows you how keeping the menu short can help you control operating costs and improve the customer experience.

To improve food quality

An endless menu suggests that your restaurant prefers quantity to quality. Having too many dishes on your menu can affect kitchen operations and increase the risk of "misses" in terms of taste and quality. So limiting the choice on your menu can solve the problems of an overworked and disorganised kitchen or low quality products.

Streamlining your offering also allows the chef to focus on a smaller number of high-quality dishes, improving the overall quality of the restaurant's food, to the delight of diners.

To simplify the ordering process for customers

Too many choices on a menu can quickly lose the customer, making the ordering process difficult. A simplified menu allows the customer to make their selection more quickly, making the choice and ordering process smoother. Indeed, a concise, easy-to-read menu with good, attractive descriptions satisfies customers and allows them to place their orders quickly and comfortably.

To reduce merchandise and labour costs

Streamlining your menu can make a significant contribution to reducing merchandise and labour costs. With fewer dishes on offer, fewer ingredients and fewer staff are needed to prepare them. 

In addition, you have fewer ingredients to keep track of and stock becomes easier to analyse, leaving less room for waste. Management software can be used to further optimise stock & inventory. 

To increase your return on investment (ROI)

As food costs are reduced, it is clear that a limited menu increases your restaurant's return on investment. By opting for rationalisation, even the most expensive ingredients can generate profits.
If your restaurant focuses on a specific cuisine, for example, Chinese or Italian, a limited menu is often a guarantee of quality and customer loyalty. 

To create better brand awareness

Your menu is a reflection of your restaurant's brand. It highlights your concept and firmly establishes the brand. By choosing only a few distinct dishes and options, the menu will better illustrate the restaurant's brand, as it only includes dishes that resonate with the restaurant's theme.

In addition, it is a key marketing point, alongside the current trend of minimalist menus.

To encourage customers to order more

An overly extensive menu can confuse customers, who take more time to browse and make their choice. When the menu is limited, customers are relieved of the pressure to make decisions and let their imagination run wild. As a result, they end up ordering more than usual, which increases sales in your establishment.

Of course, menu streamlining is not a viable option for every restaurant. But if used wisely, it can have a positive effect on your performance, inventory management or customer satisfaction.

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