03 | 10 | 2022

The advantages of a SaaS ERP for your catering software

The vast majority of organized catering players choose SaaS ("Software as a Service") hosting. The choice of outsourcing your ERP has many advantages, particularly in terms of security and performance.

The advantages of SaaS hosting

SaaS mode for your ERP is an outsourcing choice. You delegate the hosting of your business software data as well as the backups. This type of hosting has many advantages, which is why most multi-site catering companies make this choice for their ERP.

Criteria to consider when choosing your hosting

To choose your ERP and hosting, there are several criteria to consider. Each chain or restaurant group is different, and depending on the number of sites, the typology or the number of users and your turnover for example, the ERP and its management will not be the same. The main criteria to take into account are:

  • Hosting costs: depending on the budget you make available, you can choose a mutualized or virtualized herbagement for example;
  • Accompaniment needs: by choosing a hosting via the Cloud, you will be accompanied and your ERP will be updated by competent people;
  • The number of restaurants: in the catering sector, a multisite management requires most of the time an accompaniment for the ERP. If you have only one or two restaurants, you can manage alone;
  • The computer equipment: it is imperative to have a good Internet connection and a degraded mode to cope with possible momentary access interruptions (if you have no connection).

SaaS hosting, the choice of security

The first advantage of outsourced ERP is its security: your data is stored in a cloud, which is confidential. You also protect it against technical problems: breakdown, theft, water damage, nothing will jeopardize your datas since it is not managed on your site.

The choice of the SaaS system also has other advantages:

  • Economical hosting: you don't have to buy expensive hardware or software, and updates are usually free;
  • Optimal productivity: you don't have to worry about managing your data;
  • Simplified access: you and your collaborators can access your data anytime with a single login and password, in complete security.

Cautions to take for SaaS hosting

Before you choose a SaaS hosting, you need to make sure you have a good internet connection to be able to access your datas.

Finally, to reduce the costs of your hosting you can choose a shared SaaS: this way you share the server with other companies.

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