06 | 12 | 2021

The affirmation of a more committed, local and seasonal consumption research

While the boom in more responsible consumption has been going on for several years, the health crisis has been able to establish the trend of a more committed and sustainable diet. This has been reflected in particular in the consumption habits of the French in restaurants. Local food is popular, the human touch is emphasized and quality is the priority. Here is a detailed review of the new consumer desires.

Social and environmental responsibility is taken into account

This is nothing new: the environment and respect for humanity are taking an increasingly important place in the daily lives of consumers.

The latter, now called "consum'actors", are setting up actions reflecting their ideas. And it is quite natural that the evolution of consciousness regarding the various societal and environmental issues is reflected in the restaurant sector, in a way accelerated by the health crisis.

Choices influenced by the actions of restaurants

Several studies show that many consumers favor restaurants that include local products in their menu. At the same time, the impact that an establishment has on the environment and society also influences the choice of diners.

Communication is good...

You can, for example, highlight the labels that your restaurant has obtained, or accurately cite the producers from whom you source. Posters encouraging waste sorting, limiting food waste or describing CSR actions carried out by your establishment will also be impactful.

Finally, social networks will be your showcase. Think about highlighting your staff, the farmers you collaborate with, the products on the menu and the daily setups. Note that there is no small gesture; however, keep in mind that each action highlighted through your communication must actually be carried out.

...but diners expect concrete actions

If you are in a CSR approach, posters, words or posts on social networks may not be enough to convince consumers, who are more committed than ever. A few concrete actions can be simple to implement and very effective in reassuring diners, such as respected waste management or using seasonal vegetables and local meats in your menus.

Consumer actions, indicators of a trend that is gaining momentum

A movement that is gaining ground: in addition to affecting the affluent, the change in restaurant consumption is reaching all socio-professional categories and all ages. Indeed, more than two-thirds of French people have chosen to incorporate more organic and fair trade products, both in their plate at home and in restaurants. Local brands are favored, French producers are highlighted and quality takes precedence over price.

A restaurant's societal and environmental commitment is therefore gaining places in the ranking of the most important choice criteria according to the French.

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