23 | 11 | 2022

The influence of world cuisine in French restaurants, a real success

French cuisine, while recognized around the world, is constantly on the move to discover new flavors and new culinary sensations. After Italy, Spain or the famous burgers of the United States, it is towards new horizons that restaurateurs are turning to in terms of concepts and new experiences.

Asian and South American cuisines, for example, have the wind in their sails, with surprising associations of flavors for new sensations.

This week, we propose to you to leave to the discovery of the new influences of restaurants in France. Culinary journey around the world guaranteed!!

Asian cuisine, an influence already well established

If Italian cuisine, like the indestructible pizza, was the first foreign cuisine to seduce the French in the 1930s, it is no longer the only alternative for gourmands in search of exoticism.

Asian cuisine, as rich as it is varied, is also already ubiquitous in the French culinary landscape. Sushis, ramen, nems, but also bibimbap (mixture of rice, beef, sautéed vegetables, fried egg, all spiced up with Korean chili paste) or soe galbjim (braised beef ribs), lesser-known, are seducing more and more the curious.

What if the trip was also on your plate?

Chinese and Japanese cuisine already in the hearts of the French

Already present for more than fifty on our plates, Chinese specialties such as Cantonese rice, nems or ramens continue to please foodies. The change of scenery is total with flavors and products totally unknown to traditional French cuisine at first.

Since the early 2000s, it is the famous Japanese sushi that have literally seduced consumers. Declined now with a French twist (you can even find some with foie gras!), this cuisine reputed to be good for your health is definitely anchored in our traditions in the image of sushi restaurants that have invaded not only the big cities, but also the small villages. This Japanese wave is comparable to pizza and burgers, so much France has appropriated this culinary habit.

Korean or Vietnamese cuisine, tasty dishes very appreciated

More recently, in the 2010s, it is the Korean or even Vietnamese cuisines that have invited themselves in our plates. Whether it's beef stew, stir-fried noodles or even dishes based on fermented products, the surprise is total. French cooks and amateurs alike are discovering combinations of fermented vegetables, cereals or even legumes for flavors that are still unknown.

Consumers are increasingly appreciating Asian dishes, and this cuisine, once shunned by chefs, is beginning to get its letters of nobility by inviting itself onto the menus of prestigious French chefs.

Latin American cuisine, for meals bursting with sunshine!

Directly to South America and dishes well known to gourmands. Latin American restaurants have been established in France for a long time now. Corn, simmered beef or red beans, total change of scenery with this cuisine of the sun appreciated for its wide variety of dishes.

The emergence of Latin American cuisine for tasty cravings

The reputation of Latin American cuisine is no longer to be made, with typical dishes such as:

  • the empanadas (Argentina): small puff pastry turnovers stuffed with meat, fish, egg, potato or other ingredients;
  • the feijoada (Brazil): black bean stew, usually served with meat and white rice;
  • the fajitas, tacos, burritos,... (Mexico): they all have as their base the tortilla, a kind of corn or wheat flour patty or pancake. What determines the dish is the size, the cooking, the final presentation and especially the filling of this patty: beef, chicken or pork, raw vegetables, cheese, guacamole, hot sauce, chili, or even cream. Anything goes!
  • For meat, Argentina ranks among the most famous countries. But there are also Latin American vegetarian specialties turned to red beans, guacamole or sweet potato.

Latin American cuisine in France combines Brazilian, Chilean or even Argentine influences to offer a wide variety of dishes all more tasty than the other.

The influence of the world's gastronomies thus allows wonderful mixtures of flavors, thanks to which French cuisine never ceases to reinvent itself.

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