22 | 08 | 2022

The levers and advantages of a successful loyalty program in the restaurant business

Loyalty programs are a must in the world of commercial catering. The digitalization has allowed to widen the field of possibilities of this system once confined to a simple card.

Loyalty of course, but also data collection and brand image, let's discover together the benefits of Customer loyalty and apprehend tomorrow's loyalty programs to attract more and more people in your restaurants.

The principles of a loyalty program

The loyalty program is unavoidable and is not reserved only to large restaurant chains. It is estimated that more than 80 th customers prefer to patronize an establishment with a loyalty program.

The benefit to the customer is simple: receive discounts based on their basket and recurring visits. But for the restaurant owner, what are the advantages?

The interest of a loyalty program

The main advantage is indeed to increase the restaurant's frequentation with consumers who come back often and the attraction of new customers. Thanks to the digitization of loyalty cards, there are many other benefits for restaurateurs:

  • Collect data: today, you can know precisely the consumption habits of your customers, the favorite dishes or menus, those that are less appealing, and thus adjust your menu;
  • Customize your offer according to the consumers: thanks to data collection, you can adapt your offer to improve your customer relationship and promote satisfaction;
  • Organize marketing campaigns: whether by email, SMS or social networks, thanks to your customer base, you can directly reach consumers by contacting them in a personalized way:
  • Calculate your return on investment (ROI).

Loyalty programs often allow you to create a closer link with your clientele in order to increase the frequentation of your establishments, but also to attract new consumers.

The different forms of loyalty programs

There are several loyalty models. We can find the famous materialized or dematerialized card, but there are also applications for large fast food chains or the creation of an online account.
The digitalization of loyalty programs allows customers to manage their orders and the restaurateur to organize marketing campaigns more easily.

The loyalty programs of tomorrow

Loyalty programs are not new. Also, to stay competitive, it is important to renew and offer ever more interesting deals to arouse curiosity.

Cryptocurrency, augmented reality, discover tomorrow's loyalty and its benefits.

Technological loyalty

Some restaurants and brands are surfing the technological revolutions to attract the curious. It's still too early to know the positive impact of these innovations, but some methods are interesting.

There are contests or vouchers to be won using video games. This method is effective especially among younger consumers. Several smartphone games are partnering with brands to increase their visibility and attract more customers in this way.

Other brands are also trying to attract connected consumers with a means of payment by NFT or cryptocurrency.

Loyalizing customers through more ethical methods

Some restaurants or brands are also taking the opposite approach by building loyalty through less "aggressive" and more environmentally friendly campaigns. Faced with the climate emergency, loyalty also involves more eco-responsible products that are more in line with a social and human vision.

In restaurants, the emphasis can be placed on anti-waste or the use of local products to promote a short circuit.

Whatever the methods, loyalty programs are well established in France and are unavoidable in commercial catering on a small or large scale.

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