10 | 03 | 2023

Traceability in the restaurant industry, between constraint and competitive advantage

In recent years, food safety and traceability have been at the heart of consumer expectations. It is a legal obligation for all restaurants to respect, which can turn into a competitive advantage if it is perfectly conducted.

Digitizing HACCP allows restaurant owners to save time, which they can devote to their core business, service and customer satisfaction.
Storage temperatures, use-by dates or even composition, traceability management can be optimized by combining your ERP with effective traceability software.

The integration of ERP with traceability software, for continuously accessible analyses

The integration of ERP with high-performance traceability software is essential in order to comply with all legal obligations, particularly in the event of a control or health alert.

The ERP collects all the data concerning supplies, stocks and production. Sending the data to your traceability tool then allows for tracking during receipts and production.

Receipt management

Thanks to the integration of your ERP with a traceability software, the management of receipts is done in a fluid way, without re-entering; you free up time and avoid errors :

  • The chef, team member or manager places the order via the ERP;
  • The ERP sends the information about the ordered items to the traceability tool;
  • On the day of receipt, you check and inform the conformity and quality of the products (volume, temperature, SLED, etc.);
  • The information concerning the quality and compliance upon receipt go back into the ERP;
  • In case of non-conformity ("dented", ...), a visual is sent in the ERP to facilitate the management of disputes and the follow-up of credit note requests.

You can consult and follow at any time in the ERP the reception data of all your past orders in order to check the conformity, the follow-up of disputes and other important datas.

Production management

To automatically track traceability during your production management, it is important that the ERP sends in the traceability tool:

  • Menu/production cycles, to avoid re-entries;
  • Recipe cards, to avoid re-entries and then track traceability and printing of labels at production (e.g. in delivery, click)
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