25 | 10 | 2021

What are the trends in the hotel industry for 2022?

Hospitality, among the sectors that suffered the most from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, is finally coming back to the public. Trends in 2022 will focus heavily on rebuilding and reinventing the hotel industry.

In fact, just like the restaurant industry, things are not going back to "the way things were" but rather are moving toward a revival. Adoria takes a look at what hotel industry trends will look like in 2022 and how you can get ahead of the curve.

Are vacations to France still in vogue?

Vacations to France exploded in 2021 due to international travel uncertainty. But as 2022 approaches, many hotels and hosts are hoping that foreign travel will become possible again. However, due to the turbulence we all faced after the border confinements and closures, we expect vacationers to still err on the side of caution, and continue to book local stays rather than foreign vacations for some time.

Tip #1: Offer a change of scenery experience in France

Hotels will continue to benefit from the increase in stays booked by the French. So it's a good idea to capitalize on what French vacationers are looking for, and figure out how you can bring the essence of a foreign experience to your hotel without losing the appeal of the local area.

If you can find the right balance, you could end up with a loyal clientele year after year.

Connected rooms are on the rise

Technology is always evolving, and many establishments are taking advantage of it to improve their services. For example, many hotels have already begun implementing in-room devices.

Tip #2: Home automation for comfort

Technologies such as smart controls can help your guests choose their personal comfort level with ease. For example, having the ability to adjust the room temperature from their bed or order room service via an app.

Technology can also help staff manage a much smoother and more efficient service, and can enhance the guest experience.

Focus on your carbon footprint

Energy conservation and greener living are gaining a lot of ground. Indeed, people are increasingly aware of climate change and the actions they can take to reduce their impact on the planet.

So hotels have begun to reduce the use of single-use plastics for events, conferences or in rooms, eliminating miniature shampoo bottles.

They are also offering guests the option of not cleaning rooms daily and, in particular, not washing towels every day. By encouraging guests to hang up their towels and reuse them, hotels can significantly reduce the energy consumption associated with washing and drying.

Tip #3: Introduce plant-based alternatives in your hotel restaurant

Veganism is also becoming increasingly popular, both for health and environmental reasons. So you can start offering more plant-based dishes to reduce the meat industry's environmental impact on the planet, and attract an aware audience.

Experiential vacations are gaining in popularity

Many people prefer experiences to material things, and hotels have the advantage of being able to offer getaway moments and "experiential" vacations.

For example, yoga classes can be a way to entice people to come, as they are beneficial to both the body and mind and offer a relaxing break from the stress of the past year.

Other examples include family adventure vacations or dedicated bachelor or bachelorette party stays.

Tip #4: Think local to offer novel experiences

You can partner with local businesses that offer fun activities like kayaking, rock climbing, horseback riding or wellness conferences , to create a package that will entice people to book their stay at your hotel.

Workers are starting to mix work and travel

If one good thing came out of the many confinements, it's that telecommuting can boost productivity. And now that offices are welcoming their employees back, many companies are building telecommuting days into their schedules, such as three days in the office and two days at home. As a hotelier, you can take advantage of this and encourage "telecommuting days" at your hotel.

Tip #5: Attract a nomadic working audience

So you can offer packages that include meals, tea and coffee, and high-speed internet to encourage people to work on quieter weekdays. You can even offer a package where, if they come in on Friday, they can extend the weekend and combine business with pleasure.

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