30 | 08 | 2022

Why choose a business ERP to manage the value chain of your commercial or collective catering group?

The choice of a business ERP makes more sense for the management of the value chain of your commercial and collective catering group. However, it is necessary to understand the interests of a business ERP compared to a more robust generalist ERP.

Adoria helps you prepare the integration of your system for your headquarters but also for your restaurants, for a controlled management of your business.

The functionalities of the specific ERP

In contrast to generalist ERPs, the specific ERP requires less customization since, by definition, it is already specialized and adapted to meet the specific needs of certain businesses. It is also lighter and easier to access. A specific ERP will condense the essential functionalities for the good management of your restaurant such as the inventory, the link with the cash register software or even the calculation of the foodcost.

Let's discover together the main functionalities that justify the choice of a business ERP.

The business ERP, an accessible choice

There are many reasons to choose a specific ERP for the management of your commercial and collective catering group, here are some of them:

  • An easy-to-use solution, which remains "on a human scale" while being powerful enough to manage a multi-site catering operation;
  • A software package that is particularly well-suited to a "single trade" group;
  • A system that is quick to set up for a "smooth" implementation in your restaurants.

For larger restaurant groups, it is also possible to combine a generalist ERP with specific functionalities, but the adaptation will be more complicated and the implementation longer.

Functionalities adapted to the restaurant industry

The restaurant industry is a very specific field of activity. It is therefore important to install an ERP tool that allows for the optimal management of certain specific tasks.

  • In Production, the link between purchasing references, recipe sheet ingredients and ingredients in stock is crucial to calculate and monitor the foodcost. Thus, the margin is under control.
  • Thanks to EDI data flows with the accounting tool, reconciliations (especially analytical) are instantaneous: no more re-entry! Analysis by Management Control is more relevant.
  • Inventory is also a sensitive point, more so than for other businesses, as the management of perishable goods requires special attention. The business ERP will be sensitive to the nature of your products to deliver alerts and actions for the management of your strategic stocks.

The specific ERP harmonizes practices in each of your restaurants, but also leaves room for adjustments according to the particularity of certain sites.

Adoria has been accompanying restaurant groups in the digitization of their business processes since 2003. Business expertise, innovation, performance, our solution is used by over 10,000 people in Europe and the United States.
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