10 | 10 | 2022

Advertising on mapping applications, a boon for restaurateurs

For several years now, GPS applications such as Apple Maps, Waze or Google Maps have become must-haves for finding your way around by car or on foot. It is already possible to find restaurants or other stores by writing the search on the Maps app for example, but, already announced by Apple for 2023, ads will soon be available on all mapping applications.

Waze, Maps or Plans, discover ways to increase the visibility of your restaurant thanks to these location systems.

Advertising on Waze, Google Maps and Apple Plans, good news for restaurants

This is not a new idea, but it will be operational as early as 2023 for Apple. Already available on Waze, these ads allow restaurants to increase their visibility.

But depending on the application, the use is not the same.

Adoria explains the advantages and disadvantages of the advertising offer depending on the tool.

What form will the advertising take on Apple Maps?

The goal is not to make the GPS application unreadable and endanger motorists. No banners will interfere with the map, but the best payers will be propelled to the top of the list in the search bar, much like sponsored sites on search engines.

Example: if you type "creperie" and "Paris," it's no longer (only) the best results that will appear at the top of the list, but the establishments that have paid.

This type of advertising is good news, especially for restaurateurs in need of visibility due to their location. It will soon be possible to encourage customers to drive a few more blocks to come and discover their restaurant. This is also a good idea for new signs that are lacking awareness at launch.

Additional features for restaurant owners?

Apple sees further and could, in addition to the additional visibility by paying, offer other services such as facilitating the reservation of a table or encourage tipping.

With more than a billion iPhones in circulation in 2022, there's no doubt that these soon-to-be available features on Apple Maps could appeal to restaurant owners to attract more customers.

Waze, an advertising already well in place

Waze is a targeted app for motorists where advertising is already available. However, it works differently: restaurants are automatically displayed based on their route. The idea is not to wait for the consumer's desire to encourage them to take a detour or stop. Unlike Apple Maps, Waze spontaneously suggests restaurants, the user does not need to type keywords in the search bar.

Waze is a Google app that targets ads based on location. By paying, you can encourage drivers to come to your restaurant.

Google Maps, still free advertising

For now, Google Maps does not offer paid advertising. But thanks to the Google My Business listing, it is already possible to highlight your restaurant. Reviews, location, opening hours, this listing is a free tool that allows restaurant professionals to attract customers based on location, but also on the reputation of the establishment.

Google Maps still works on merit, you can't pay to be featured and it's the best rated establishments that are at the top of the list, for now.

Whether it's on Waze, Apple Maps or Google Maps, the goal is the same: to increase your visibility and drive consumers to your restaurant based on its location and reputation.



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