17 | 02 | 2022

Bringing the restaurant into the customer's home

While French consumers are fond of dining out, they also increasingly appreciate the comfort of their own homes to enjoy a good meal. Adoria gives you all the secrets to bring your restaurant's assets into your customers, and maximize their satisfaction.

Make the most of monthly subscription packages

As a business model, subscriptions are nothing new. Over the past decade or so, with the boom in online streaming services, people have become more comfortable with the idea of paying a monthly subscription to a service. And to top it all off, the pandemic may have completely erased hesitations about monthly subscriptions to sports or recipe applications. A fad that is slowly transferring to the restaurant industry.

The different types of restaurant subscription services

Many restaurant companies already offer subscription services. To get an idea of what's out there and what's worked, and to help you make your decisions, here's a list of subscription services that work in the restaurant business:

    • "unlimited buffet" type subscriptions, such as Olive Garden's subscription model
    • monthly grocery subscriptions at a restaurant

boxes of beers to be received at home unlimited debit cards at coffee shops

How do you get into the monthly subscription business?

While some restaurant chains have been successful in making monthly subscriptions the basis of their revenue, it's important to determine if they are a good fit for your establishment. For example, if you offer a coffee subscription or meal kit, will you face competition from other local businesses? Is there an untapped niche you can fill in your area?

First, do some market research to see what unique service you could offer your customers. Once you have an idea, do a calculation to determine your food costs. This will help you decide what products you will offer.

Home delivery

It's no longer a surprise that home delivery continues to appeal even though restaurants can still accommodate diners. Adoria breaks down some of the different trends in home delivery for you, so consumers can experience your establishment at home.

Fine Dining Delivery

When you think of meal delivery, fast food, burgers and pizza come to mind. But with more and more orders being placed for delivery, consumers aren't just ordering the same foods as usual. Some people are craving something a little more elegant.

About the world, fine-dining restaurants have begun offering food delivery and takeout. You don't have to be a fast food restaurant to sign up for aggregator platforms. If your establishment's line is more fancy, bistronomic or gourmet, you too can get into home delivery.

Adding a handwritten or personalized note

Handwritten notes add a nice personalized touch to delivery orders. Your establishment is likely competing with other establishments that offer customers discount codes, business cards and thank you notes with every meal. Whether in private life or in business, a handwritten letter or thank you note is always special, timeless and personal.

Let your customer know you appreciate their business and thank them for their support in a personalized way!

Promotions to drive ordering

Restaurants are doing more and more promotions. Here's how to introduce more sales promotion into your meal delivery service:

  • Reach out to customers through multiple platforms to let them know about your promotions and discounts: this can be directly through the aggregator's website, but you can also communicate it on your social networks.
  • Create special offers for off-peak meals: if you're less busy at lunchtime, create special lunch dishes that are discounted to attract new customers.
  • Show your customers you care by developing a more personalized relationship with them: offer them coupons for future visits to let them know you'd like them to come back. Include a free gift, such as a small dessert or a pen, to also show your appreciation and build their loyalty.

Recipe kit delivery

Customers looking for healthy takeout ideas or delicious food delivery options love takeout kits of all shapes and sizes. In fact, they can save a little money if the takeout and cooking prices are slightly lower than the already prepared meals.

Besides, it's an opportunity to give them a true restaurant-like dining experience, but at home, just for them or with family and friends.

Better to cook at home kits

Put your recipes in front of your guests right at home - it's possible! Here are Adoria's tips for getting started with home meal kit making.

Select your signature dishes to form the basis of your kits

The first thing to do is to examine your menu. Look for the dishes that are your best sellers. Which ones are specific to your brand and best represent your business?

Customers interested in cooking kits may have some experience in the kitchen. But if you choose a dish that is easy for everyone, you will reach more customers. So avoid dishes that have complicated steps or hard-to-get ingredients.

Give clear recipes and step-by-step instructions

List the different instructions with your chef and start laying out the steps to ensure your customers have clear cooking instructions.

Once you've done that, ask a few beta testers to try the recipe to get feedback. This way, they'll tell you where you need to improve before you deliver the dish to your customers.

Setting the right price for your home catering kit

Remember that cook-in kits are not a substitute for dining at your establishment. Therefore, your meal kits should not cost as much as the menu items, especially if the customer has to add the ingredients themselves.

So your kits should be priced accordingly. You may even have the opportunity to increase the price of your meals through clever marketing. Offer options to add drinks, sides or condiments for a better experience for your customers.

Find the right packaging for your DIY kits

The packaging of your kits should be functional rather than just packaging. This means you need to separate the different ingredients to prevent them from breaking or getting damaged during delivery.

This is also an opportunity for you to present your brand with visual appeal. In fact, the packaging is also a great marketing tool for your overall brand.

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